How to Change Language on Facebook App

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Facebook is a good place if you want to connect with your friends away from you. This app allows you to interact with your contacts through likes, reactions, comments, shares etc. To make your experience more smooth try to clear Facebook cache on iPhone or Android. Most importantly, this app is available in several languages and therefore it might be that you want to change language on Facebook app. In that case, follow this article to learn more.

Change language on Facebook app in 7 Simple steps

Step 1: Open the Facebook app: The first step is perhaps the easiest. You only need to open the Facebook app on your device. You can do it by downloading the app.

  • Alternatively, you can go to Google to access Facebook online.
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Step 2: Tap on the 3 lines: The second step is also very easy.

  • You need to find the hamburger button on your screen. Once you find this button in the top right, click on it.
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Step 3: Tap on the settings icon: In the third step, you need to search for the settings icon. Once you see this icon in the top right of your screen, click on it.

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Step 4: Tap on language and region: In the fourth step, you simply need to click on Language and region.

  • You will find this option among the plethora of options like Notifications, Shortcuts, Media, Your Time on Facebook etc. that show up.
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Step 5: Tap on Language : Once you click on Language and region, a menu of options will show up.

  • You need to look for the option "Language you'd like to have posts translated into." Once you spot this option, click on it.
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Step 6: Tap on any language: Once you click on the option mentioned in the previous step, a list of languages will show up.

  • Select the language your prefer.
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Step 7: Tap on save: After you have selected the language you prefer, click on Save.

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These 7 steps are going to be more than enough for you to learn to change language. In the same way, it could be that you want to learn to make Facebook avatar on iPhone. In that case, you can learn it in a few simple steps.


Can I change the language back to English?

That's right, you can change the language back to English whenever you want.

Why can't I change my Facebook language?

That's probably because your languages have been synced with your phone number. Go to Settings, a sub menu will open up. Select App Language. Your Facebook App Language will be synced to your Phone Language.

How many languages does Facebook app offer?

Facebook after the meta update can handle 200 languages.

Does Facebook have a translate feature?

That's right, Facebook does have a translate feature. Go to Settings. Once you do that, tap Language and Region and tap the language you want to use.

How many translations does Facebook support?

Facebook supports as many translations as the languages it supports i.e. 200.

These frequently asked questions will make it more than easy for you to switch language on Facebook.

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