How to Unblock Someone on Facebook App

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Facebook is a great social media platform for interaction just like Instagram and Snapchat. But sometimes even this app can be problematic if you are nagged by people you don't want to engage with. This can make you block them. But it might be that you want to (due to your reasons) undo this act by unblocking. So if you want to unblock someone on Facebook app, it is very easy to do. Just follow the steps specified below. But before that refresh Facebook on iPhone or Android.

Unblock someone on Facebook app in 5 easy steps

Step 1: Open the Facebook app: The first step only requires you to open the Facebook app and log in to your account. You can do it in two ways:

  • You can either get the Facebook app from Playstore.
  • Or you can go to Google and type to access Facebook online.
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Step 2: Tap on the 3 lines: The second step is equally simple. You just need to click on the hamburger button (3 lines) in the top right of your screen.

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Step 3: Tap on the settings icon: In the third step, you need to look for the settings icon. You will find this icon in the top right of your screen.

  • As soon as you spot this icon, click on it.
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Step 4: Tap on blocking: After you click on the Settings icon, a list of options will open up. One of the options would be Blocking.

  • Click on Blocking.
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Step 5: Tap on unblock: Once you click on blocking, you will be able to see the names of the people you have blocked. Next to the name of the people you have blocked you'll see the option Unblock.

  • Click on Unblock to unblock a specific contact.
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Just these 5 steps will make it hassle-free you you to unblock someone. Likewise, you might want to block someone on messenger. If that's the case, you can do it in a few simple steps.


Can I block someone after I have unblocked them?

That is right, you can easily block someone after you have unblocked them.

What happens when I block someone on Facebook?

When you block someone on Facebook, you restrict their activity related to your account. They will not be able to view or interact with your account (through likes, comments, shares, etc.).

Is a person notified if I block them on Facebook?

That is not how it works. Nobody gets notified if you block them on Facebook.

Will I continue to remain friends with someone I blocked and then unblocked on Facebook?

That is not true, once you have blocked someone on Facebook, and then unblocked them, you will not remain friends on Facebook anymore. You will have to send friend request to your contact again to become friends.

How can I know if someone has blocked me on Facebook?

Unfortunately, there is no way Facebook notifies you when you get blocked by someone.

These FAQs will make it unblocking someone on Facebook easier than you think.

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