How to Add Family on Facebook App

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On Facebook, you can connect with anyone you know or don't know. Some people with whom you are connecting with maybe your family members. And if you want to add your family members to your profile with your relation to them, you can do that. In this article, we will look at how to Add Family on Facebook App.

7 steps to Add Family on Facebook App

Step 1: Open the Facebook app: The very initial step is to open the Facebook App. Once opened the Facebook App, log in to your account.

Step 2: Tap on the 3 lines: After logging into your account, the next step is to click on the three lines as shown in the below image.

Step 3: Tap on the settings icon: Going further, the third step is to tap on the settings icon which is placed very next to the search option as shown here.

Step 4: Tap on profile information: Furthermore, the next step after clicking on the "settings" option is to click on the "Profile Information" option under AUDIENCE & VISIBILITY.

Step 5: Tap on add family member: Once you get on the next page after clicking "Profile Information", scroll down till you find the heading FAMILY MEMBERS, under that heading tap on the "add family member" option.

Step 6: Enter the details: The second last step is to enter the details like the name of the family member and then your relationship with the family member.

Step 7: Tap on save: After entering all the details, lastly click on the blue colored "save" option.

Finally, this was all about how to Add Family on Facebook App in 7 time-saving steps. Go through the entire article and then read the FAQs below.


Can I find my comments on Facebook App?

Yes, you can Find Your Comments on Facebook App. Follow these steps to know how:

  • Open the Facebook app
  •  Go to the post
  •  Tap on the comments option
  •  Check the comments

Can I delete my comments on Facebook App?

Yes, you can delete your comments on Facebook App. Just click on your comment for a long, then you will see an option to delete, click on that option.

Can I add only one family to my Facebook Account?

No, you can add more than 1 family to your Facebook account profile.

Can my friends on Facebook see the family which I've added to my Facebook profile?

Yes, your Facebook friends can see your family on your profile.

Can I deactivate my Facebook account?

Yes, you can Deactivate your Facebook Account on iPhone and Android both by following these 9 steps

  • Open Facebook App
  •  Tap On Menu
  •  Go to the 'Settings' icon
  •  Tap on 'Personal and Account Information
  •  Tap on 'Account Ownership and Control'
  •  Click on 'Deactivation and Deletion'
  •  Deactivate the account
  •  Enter your Facebook password
  •  Click on 'Continue'

Finally, it sums up the article here on Add Family on Facebook App. Furthermore, go through the FAQs as well for information related to Facebook.

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