How to See Message Requests on the Facebook App

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Message requests are requests that are sent by people who are not on your friend list. You can accept or decline their request because the decision is yours alone. However, people who are your friends can message you directly, and their messages will be notified. Take your decision and accept unknown people's requests. To See Message Requests on the Facebook App, follow the process.

See Message Requests on the Facebook App in 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Open the Facebook app: Facebook application is present on your mobile where you have to tap and open it.

  • The application is available at App Store, so download it in case not present.
  • You need to create an account if you don't have one.
  • Turn your mobile data on to do these steps.
Image Titled See Message Requests on Facebook App Step 1

Step 2: Tap on the Message icon: Secondly, locate the message icon. Select the icon.

  • The option is present at the top.
  • It is available just beside the search option.
  • See the picture attached to have a clear idea about this step.
Image Titled See Message Requests on Facebook App Step 2

Step 3: Tap on the Settings icon: Click on the Settings icon to move forward into the next step because it will take you to the message section.

  • The Settings icon is available at the top just above the search bar.
  • Quickly see the given image.
  • You can enable dark mode on the facebook app manually or automatically.
Image Titled See Message Requests on Facebook App Step 3

Step 4: Tap on Message requests: Lastly, you will see an option named message requests. Click on it to complete the process.

  • It is present just below the archived chats.
  • In the given image the option is indicated by a red mark.
  • Make sure you tap on it to see all the friend requests.
Image Titled See Message Requests on Facebook App Step 4

Thus, follow these four steps to know the whole process. Moreover, message requests remain pending until you accept and see them. You can switch accounts on the Facebook app to see all the pending requests on all your accounts.


How can I locate Facebook message requests?

There will be five options available in the menu at the bottom of the Messenger app. Click on the settings option. Lastly, open Message Requests by choosing the People option.

How can I check who has accepted my Facebook message request?

You will get a connection request if someone messages you on Facebook but you are not linked with them. On Facebook, tap at the very top. Select "Message Requests." Moreover, you can copy your profile link from the Facebook app to the person who wants you as a friend.

What benefit do Facebook's message requests offer?

Message requests have the advantage that you can either read them or delete them without ever informing the sender. Requests sent through Facebook do not have read receipts, so they are not visible upon viewing.

Why does Facebook Messenger have a notice but not a message?

Those system notifications from Facebook are frequently to blame for the bug that makes the unread message badge appear on Facebook.

If there are no messages, how can I get rid of the Messenger notification?

Launch the settings application. Toggle "Notifications" on. Choose the app you wish to stop receiving badge alerts for by scrolling down.

Therefore, give a look to the five provided FAQs. For any queries, you can mail us. Share the article if you find it good.

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