How to Switch imo Account

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Do you want to Switch imo Account between multiple imo accounts? imo is a free audio/video calling and instant messaging software service developed by PageBites. In recent years, it has become one of the fastest messaging service available on iOS and android platforms. Users can use it to share all kinds of media files including photos, videos, audio, and pdfs.

The app allows the user to use more than one account at a time. Once you have added a different account, all you need is to switch between the logged-in accounts to access them. Here is a quick tutorial that will guide you down the path of how to switch imo account.

How to Login to Multiple Imo Accounts in One Device

Steps to Switch imo Account

Step 1 - Open imo App: Firstly, open imo on your mobile phone by clicking on its icon that appears in your phone's app list.

Switch imo Account

Step 2 - Tap on your display pic: Once you have entered the application, you will be able to see the imo interface. On top left corner of the screen you will  see your display picture. If you have not selected a display picture then a blank grey colour icon as shown in the image below would appear. Tap on it.

Switch imo Account

Step 3 - Tap on switch account: Your mobile screen will now display a profile menu. The first option in the menu will read as "Switch Account". Tap on it.

Switch imo Account

Step 4 - Select the desired account: Your mobile screen will now display the list of accounts that you have already logged in your imo app. You will be able to identify all the accounts based on their different display pictures and names. Tap on the account you want to select for the time being.

Switch imo Account

Step 5 - Use the switched account: You have now successfully switched to a different account. You can easily identify it as your display picture on the upper left corner will change.

Switch imo Account

You can switch back to the earlier account that you were using by following the same steps. This feature allows you to manage more than one account at the same time, making it very convenient for the user to keep track of their messages and contacts. We hope that this tutorial was able to help you out with such a great feature that imo provides you.

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