How to Mute Audio Call on imo

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imo can be a source of so many notifications. The app also provides a feature to restrict notifications of a certain contact. This can be done in very few and simple steps. All you need to do is mute the chat of the person you want to restrict notifications from. In this article, we will try to provide you with a quick tutorial for how to mute the audio calls for a chat in imo app.

How to Mute Unmute Any Conversation on Imo

Mute Audio Call on imo: 6 steps

Step 1- open imo app: As the very first step, you need to open the imo app. To do this just open the list of installed apps on your mobile phone.

Scroll through it and look for the icon for the imo app. It will be a white coloured square-shaped icon with imo written on it with blue colour. Tap on it once to open it.

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Step 2- Tap on your contacts list: After you have opened the app, you can see the list of chats on the first page that appears on your screen.

In the upper right corner of this page, you will find an icon of grey colour with a portrait and three lines in it. This is the icon for contacts in imo. Tap on it once.

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Step 3- Select that contact which you want to mute: The imo interface will redirect you to a new page that will have a list of all your imo contacts.

These are the people in your contact list who have installed imo app on their phone and can text or call you through imo.

You can scroll through this list and look for the contact name whose chat you want to put on mute.

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Step 4- By long Pressing the contact you can see the chat option: Once you have spotted the desired contact name, all you need to do is to long-press on that name.

  • This is just like a normal single click, only instead of tapping, you need to tap and hold on to the option for a while.
  • Once you long press on a contact a pop-up menu will appear which will have the option “chat” in it. Click on the chat option.Image titled mute the audio calls step 4

Step 5- Tap on 3 dots on the top right corner: The imo interface will now redirect you to the chat page of that particular contact. Here you can see all your previous messages that you have exchanged with them and also send new messages.

  • On the same page, you will find three dots in the upper right corner of your screen.
  • Tap on these dots.

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Step 6- You can see mute option. By switching the mute option on you can mute your audio call: A list of options will appear on your mobile screen. One of these options will read as “mute”. This option will appear with a small button on its right side. The button will be of grey colour. Click on this button.

  • Once you have clicked on it, you will notice that it now appears in blue colour.
  • This signifies that you have turned on the mute option for that particular chat.Image titled mute the audio calls step 6

After you have completed all the processes, you would have successfully muted a contact’s chat. By availing of this feature provided by imo, you can stop the notifications of any chat from bothering you.

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