How to Delete Chat History in imo

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Do you want to delete chat history in imo? Taking into concern the privacy features of any chat service imo provides its users with a feature to delete an individual chat history or all the chat histories together. These features allow you to get rid of the chats that you don’t want to keep in your imo account. You can do this in a very few simple steps. In this article, we will give you a quick tutorial on how to delete individual and all chat history.

Delete Imo Messages

Delete chat history in imo using 5 Simple Steps

Step 1- open imo app: First and foremost, you will need to open the imo app. To do this, open the list of installed apps on our mobile phone. Then look for the imo icon. Once you find it, tap on it.

delete chat history in imo step 1

Step 2-tap on your profile picture: After you have opened the app, you can see the list of chats on the first page that appears on your screen.

  • In the upper left corner of this page, you will find an icon of your display picture or yur profile picture.
  • This is the icon for a profile in imo. Tap on it once.delete chat history in imo step 2

Step 3-Tap on settings: The interface will bring you to the profile menu after you complete the last step. The settings option will be the second option in this menu.

  • It's easy to spot because it has the word "Settings" next to a blue-colored gear icon.
  • To access the settings menu, simply click it once.

clear chat history in imo step 3

Step 4-Tap on storage & data: After you've navigated to the settings menu, look for the option that reads storage and data. This is the option where you may control your imo account and storage-related concerns once more. Once you see it, click on it.clear chat history in imo step 4

Step 5-Tap on clear chat history to delete all chats: In the new menu that appears after clicking on storage and data, you will find an option that reads as “clear chat history”. Tap on it to delete all the chat history for your imo account.

clear chat history in imo step 5

Method -2 Delete individual Chat

Step 1- Tap on the message icon to delete the chat individually: In the upper part of your mobile screen, after you open the imo app, you will see some icons. The second icon which will appear as a text icon is for the messages. Click on this icon by tapping on it once.

Delete individual Chat History in imo step 1

Step 2- Select a contact that you want to delete chat and click on delete chat history: After opening the messages, select the contact that you want to delete the chat history for. A pop-up menu will appear on your mobile. The last option in this menu will be to delete chat history. You can identify this option by the bin icon beside it.Delete individual Chat History in imo step 2

After you have completed all the processes, you would have successfully deleted all chat history or an individual chat history based on what preferences you have. By availing of this feature provided by imo, you can delete any imo chat, delete imo story, delete imo call history you have in your account.

This feature of imo application allows the user to take control of your chat history.

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