How to Delete Chat History in imo

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IMO is the messenger app that allows you to video call your friends and family. Also, it allows you to chat through text messages. History of those calls and text messages will be shown on the home screen of IMO. 

This chat history in IMO occupies more memory space and clutter your phone if not cleared regularly. In this article, we are going to see, how to delete chat history in IMO messenger. There are two methods to delete the chat history.

Steps to Delete Chat History in imo

Method 1: 

Individually Deleting History

Follow the steps below to delete chat history individually in IMO. Using this method you can clear chat history one at a time

1. Launch the IMO app: Do this by tapping on the IMO icon in the main menu, it will look like a bubble with IMO written on it.

2. Select the Chat to Delete: Tap and hold on the Chat to select it, now you will be shown to delete chat history in imo

3. Delete Chat: In the options shown, select delete chat to delete chat history in imo

Method 2: Deleting All the History

Follow the steps to delete all the chat history

1. Launch the IMO app: Tap on the IMO icon in the main menu

2. Open three line Menu: Tap on the lower left corner, where three lines will be shown. how to delete chat history in imo3. Go to Settings: Tap on the settings to delete chat history in imo4. Select Delete All History: Tap on the delete all history to delete chat history in imo5. Confirm Deleting: In the confirmation popup, select the delete option. This permanently deletes your to delete chat history in imo

Using this method, you can delete all the history at one go. You have to bear in mind that it permanently delete your chats. There is another option called “close chats”, instead of permanently deleting the chats it just hide the chats. Hidden chats will appear again when you message or call them.

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