How to Add and Delete imo Profile Picture

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All the social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, has the feature of setting profile pictures. Imo profile picture is no exception to it. It is for the other people to identify your profile, by viewing the photo. A picture can speak. 

Yes, you can show your mindset to your friends by setting a profile picture for your imo account and share it as a story. Your friend and friends of friends can see the story, according to the setting that was set. 

Initially, before setting the photo for the first time by default, your names first letter will be set as a profile photo. There is no option available to remove your profile picture once you add a picture in imo, but you can change the image to a newer one.

Features of imo profile picture

  • You can take photos and instantly make them as a profile picture.
  • You can select an existing photo from the phone’s memory.
  • You can restrict the profile photo to be shown only to your contacts.

Steps to change imo profile picture

1. Launch the imo app: Do it by tapping on the imo icon in the main menu, It looks like a bubble with the name imo written on it. Now you will be shown three menus, two at the top and one at the bottom. 2. Open three-line menu: Tap on the three line options in the lower left corner which bring the number of options. imo profile picture3. Go to settings: Select the settings option and see the profile picture in the top. imo profile picture4. Select edit option: Tap on the edit option, which looks like a pencil on the profile picture. You will be shown two options, one is to take a fresh photograph and another one to select already taken photo. imo profile picture5. Select the option: Tap on whether to take a photo or select an existing photo. imo profile picture6. Take a Photo: Tap on the take photo option, you will be shown the feed from the camera. Select the front camera and tap on capture to set the profile picture. imo profile picture7. Select an existing photo: If you are choosing existing photo option, You can select any photo from the camera roll. imo profile picture Now you have successfully set the imo profile picture. As said in the introduction you cannot delete an uploaded photo. You can only change the photo by uploading a new photo. You can change the photo as you want, as many time you want to share your current story.

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