How to use imo Video Call

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imo is popular app who provides the chat, audio call and video call facility that you can connect with your friends in easy way. imo provides the video call quality in a better way. It’s very useful feature in imo. It’s really impressive that they included some cool features in imo video call which make your calling experience even more better.

You have installed imo app in your phone but you don’t about the imo video call, then this guide is for you.

Steps to use imo video call

There are very simple tips that can help you to use imo video call.

  1. Open the app: open your imo app. Make sure that you have completed the process of verifying the number.
  2. Enable the contact access in app: Make sure you have done that. imo will ask you to enable that. Enable the contact access that you can find your all friends easily on imo and you can do the video call.
  3. Tap the search option: Tap the search option at the top of the app.
  4. Type the name: Type the name of your friend whose number you have saved in your contact list.
  5. Tap on the contact’s name:  Tap on the name of the contact. The name will be seen according to your contact list.
  6. Tap on video call: You can see the profile picture of your friend. On the picture you can see the video call option. Tap on it.

Now your video call request has been sent to your friend. If he/she is online or see your call, can pick your video call. You can use imo video call service very easily. There is an icon of phone at the bottom, tap on it to end the imo video call.

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