How to Enable imo Notifications

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imo is one of the popular messaging app. It’s quite similar to WhatsApp. You can send messages to your friends by saving the number and enabling the contacts with imo.  imo work with internet facility. You have to be online to check the notification but you can get it even you are not online on app.

Why notifications required to enable? 

When you install imo app and open it after the number verification and profile, imo ask you to enable the notification. You can allow imo to send the notification. Understand the notification with these steps:

  • imo can notify you if someone has sent you a message. You can reply on the message in the notification.
  • imo can notify you when your friend makes an audio or video call on your imo number. You can pick the call direct from the notification.

Make sure that your internet is on. imo will send you notification regularly. So now you can understand why enabling notification is so important to stay connected with your friends in a faster way. You can reply them fast even if you are not using the app that time. 

Steps to enable the notifications on imo

  1. Open the app: Open your imo app. Make sure you have done the number verification.
  2. Tap the ‘notification disabled’ option: tap on the ‘notification disabled’ in red color in the middle.
  3. Open the notification: you will see a new tab ‘settings’ in your phone. Tap the notification option in the list.
  4. Tap ‘allow notification’: you will see an option allow notification. Swipe left to turn it on. It will be turn it in green color (or preferred color which has been set on your phone)

Your notifications have been enabled. Now you can get every notifications of IMO. You can enable it in your settings of phone with searching notification or you can try this option which is very easy.

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