How to Set Privacy on imo Story

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Do you want to set Privacy on imo Story? imo provides you with its story feature so that you can share posts with all your friends and also friends of your friends. With posts that allow such a large audience, there also comes concern about privacy. Not everything you choose to post as a story needs to be shared with all the people who are a part of the friend list of your friends.

You might want to keep the story you post accessible to your friends only. In this quick "how-to" guide, we will briefly give you a tour of imo interface so that you can change the privacy setting for your imo story.

How to Change IMO Story Setting

Steps to Set Privacy on imo Story

Step 1- Open imo app: The first step is to look for the imo icon on you phone’s app list. Once you find it, click on it to open the application.

Set Privacy on imo Story step 1

Step 2-Tap on profile picture: The upper left corner of your mobile screen will have a little icon with your imo display picture or profile picture on it. This icon will lead to your profile as soon as you tap on it.

Set Privacy on imo Story step 2

Step 3-Tap on Settings: In the profile menu, you will find the option for settings in the list. It will have a small gear icon of blue colour. Tap on this option and you will enter the settings menu.Set Privacy on imo Story step 3

Step 4-Tap on Functions: The interface will now redirect you to the settings menu. Here the second option in the list will read as “functions”. Tap on it.

Set Privacy on imo Story step 4

Step 5-Tap on Friends of Friends: In this menu, you will see an option “Friends of Friends” with a little switch at its right side. If the switch is blue in colour, that means friends of your friends can have viewer access to your story.

Click on this switch to turn off this setting. This will turn it grey in colour with the white dot slided towards the left side. By doing this you will be able to limit your privacy setting of story to just your friends.Set Privacy on imo Story step 5

The option to change the privacy settings with such easy steps helps you to be in charge of whatever you choose to post on imo as story.

If you want them to be discovered by the contacts of people who are on your friend list, you easily turn on the switch mentioned in step 5.

A blue switch means that they can view your story, while a grey switch denotes that privacy is limited to your friends only.

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