How to Go Invisible on imo

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Add privacy to your IMO account by hiding your last seen, profile photo and read receipts. Disabling these three options will let you invisible as no one of your friends will be able to see your activities. You can go invisible to a specific person, by blocking them from contacts. Let us teach you to go invisible in this article.

  1. What is Last Seen? It is the feature showing your last login time and if you are online.
  2. What is Profile Photo? It is nice picture of yourself which you upload.
  3. What Read Receipts mean? This option shows the status of your message to someone. A single gray tick means no delivered, two gray ticks means delivered but not seen the message. If both the ticks are shown with blue color you can confirm that the message was read.

Steps to Go Invisible on imo

Follow the steps below to disable the three options mentioned above 1. Launch the IMO app: Tap on the IMO option on the main menu. You will be shown three menu options, they are

  • Chats Menu
  • Contacts Menu and
  • Three-line menu

2. Open three-line menu: Tap on the menu in the lower left corner of the screen. A number of option will be shown to you. how to go invisible on imo3. Go to Settings: Tap on the settings option on the top. how to go invisible on imo4. Select Privacy: Scroll down until you find privacy option and then tap on it. how to go invisible on imo5. Now you will be given three to go invisible on imo6. Hide Last Seen: Tap on the last seen option, from the options shown and select “nobody” to disable it. how to go invisible on imo7. Hide Profile Photo: Now, tap on this and select “nobody” to hide your profile photo as before. 

8. Hide Read Receipts: Tap on the read receipts option and select it as “nobody” as before. Now you have successfully become invisible from your friends. 

These three things last seen, profile photo and read receipts, disabled and your contacts will not be able to track you. Additionally, as said in introduction, you can block a person to be invisible to

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