How to Check imo Story Viewers

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Keeping tabs on who has viewed you imo story is a very simple task. imo stories can be viewed by your friends and the friends of your friends, depending on the privacy setting that you have selected. (You can check how to change this by visiting another easy guide by Sir How, “how to set privacy on imo stories?”)

Once you have posted a media file, either a photo or a video on imo, you have to just follow few simple steps to check who has viewed your story. Here we have provided a quick tutorial, that will help you understand how you can check the viewers on the imo story that you have posted.

How To Find Your Story Viewers On Imo App

Steps to see imo story viewers

Step 1- Open imo app: As the first step, you will have to open the imo app. To do so, just scroll through the app list on your mobile phone. You will find the imo icon. Tap on it once to open and enter the application.

imo Story Viewers step 1

Step 2- Tap on "My story": In the upper part of your mobile screen, you will find a bar with “My story” written on it. Tap on it to add a story from your gallery. Once you tap on the send button, your photo or video will be posted on imo as a story.

imo Story Viewers step 2

Step 3-Click on your story: After you have successfully posted your story, a circle will appear on the upper part of the imo home screen with “My Story” written on it. Tap on it to open your story

imo Story Viewers step 3

Step 4- By tapping on the number of viewers at the bottom you can see your viewers: Your story will be now visible on your screen. In the bottom left corner, there will be an update about the number of viewers who have watched your story. Click on it. A list of all the viewers will appear on your mobile screen. you can scroll through this list to see who has been playing your imo story.

imo Story Viewers step 4

The feature check viewers on your story help you to stay updated regarding which of your contact is viewing your story. This can help you keep track of the reach of your story among your friends and the friends of your friends, in case you have included them as viewers by changing the privacy settings accordingly.

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