How to Stop imo Auto Photo Download

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imo app provides an inbuilt feature for auto download of photos. This means that if someone sends you an image file, it will automatically be downloaded on your mobile if your internet connection is turned on. This might become a nuisance as you don’t always want to download each and every image you receive or send.

It also ends up using unnecessary data and storage space on your device. If you have been struggling to stop imo from performing auto photo download, here is a quick step-by-step guide for you to do it.

How to Turn Off Auto Download Photos & Videos in IMO

Steps to turn off auto photo/video download

Step 1. Open the imo application: Firstly, open imo on your mobile phone by clicking on its icon that appears in your phone's app list.

stop imo auto photo download

Step 2. Go to the profile: Once you have entered the imo interface, click on the profile icon that appears in the left-hand upper corner of your screen. It will appear as your display picture or in case if you haven't selected a display picture for yourself it will be a blank image as shown in the screenshot attached below.

stop imo auto video download

Step 3. Go to settings: You have now successfully entered the profile menu. Click on "Settings" which will be available as the second option in the menu.

stop imo auto photo download

Step 4. Go to Storage and Data: Once you click on "settings", a new menu will appear. Now tap on "Storage & Data" which will be available as the fourth option in the list.

stop auto video download

Step 5. Click on auto-saved after receiving: To stop imo auto photo download for received media click on the first option that reads "Auto-Saved after receiving". Clicking on it will redirect you to a new page. Turn off the auto-download option for photos. by tapping on a blue switch-like image. It will turn grey. This means you have successfully turned off the feature of auto photo download.

Step 6. Click on auto-saved after sending: Click on the backward-pointing arrow in the upper left corner of the screen. The app interface of imo will now redirect you to the previous page. To stop imo auto photo download for sent media click on the option that reads "Auto-Saved after sending". The switch that earlier was blue in colour will turn grey just like it did in Step 5.

Stop imo auto photo download

This process will stop imo from saving media files on your device by putting a stop to auto photo download. You now don't need to worry about unnecessary photos cluttering your phone and using up all the storage space. You are also going to save a lot of data that was being used by imo to auto-download photos. Apart from this, you should try to clear the cache that is created by the app usage on your device.

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