How to Block and Unblock Someone on imo

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If there is an annoying spammer who is disturbing you with unwanted messages and calls on imo, you don’t need to worry hereafter. You have the solution in your app for blocking those annoying contacts. Blocking a person leads to the following effects

  • Blocked contacts will not be able to send message or call to your number
  • You will not be able to see that person’s contact either in the contacts options

There will be no notifications sent to the blocked contact that they are blocked. So, the only way of finding whether you are blocked or not is by the absence of spam message from that particular people. Follow the steps below to block a contact on the IMO app. The procedure remains the same for both Android and iPhone users.

Block someone on imo

1. Launch IMO: Tap on the IMO icon in the main menu. It looks like a bubble shape with written IMO on it. block on imo2. Search and Select the contact: Go to the contacts menu and tap on the name to open more options. block on imo3. Tap on there Name- When you will touch their name one new window will open. block on imo4. Toggle Blocking: Below their profile picture, more options will be shown. Scroll down to the last to see Block option. You toggle the option to enable blocking for that contact. block on imo

How can I unblock someone on imo?

Many times we block someone by mistake. If so, follow the below steps to unblock them. 

1. Open the IMO app: By tapping on the IMO icon in the menu open the app. 

2. Go to three-line menu: Tap on the three-line menu in the lower left corner of the app’s main window. unblock on imo

3. Go to Setting: Tap on the settings option. You will be shown a number of options. unblock on imo4. Go to Blocked contacts: Scroll down a little to find the blocked contact option and tap on it. unblock on imo5. Unblock the contact: You will be shown the contacts you blocked, and near the contact, there will be an option to unblock the contact. Tap on it. Now, you can see the unblocked name in the regular contacts list of IMO. unblock on imo This feature of blocking lets you to avoid the unnecessary discomfort of managing spam messages. Almost all the messenger apps use the blocking option, as it becomes valuable to stop those spammers.

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