How to use imo

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imo is very trending and popular app for calls and messages. It provides the video and audio call facility free. You can talk to your friends for long. You can share your memories with your friends. You can send messages to your friends. This service is very popular in current time. imo is increasing in this market.

You have installed the app in your phone but you don’t know that how you can use imo app. It’s not a tough task. You can use imo app’s features in simple steps.

Steps to use imo

  1. Open the app: Open your imo app. Make sure you have done the process of number.
  2. Enable all the access to use imo app with better experience: 
    • Enable photo access that you can send pictures to your friends and share it with all.
    • Enable the microphone access for a sound in video calls and recording.
    • Enable the contact access that you can find your all friends easily on imo. 
    • Enable the notification that you are aware of getting messages and call even you are not currently using imo.
    • If you enable these features, then you can use imo app with better experiences.
  3. Invite your friends: You can invite your friends on imo. Option will be on the top.
  4. Search the people: This option is on the top of the app. Here you can search your any contact.
  5. Start chatting now: You can click on this option to start anew chat with your friends.
  6. Calls on imo: Tap on your any contact whom you want to call. You see two options there. You can see the profile picture too.
    • Call now option for audio call. Tap on it and you can start an audio call there.
    • Video call option will be on the profile picture. Tap on it and start video call with your friend.
  7. Share memories with friends: You can send pictures, emoji and recordings in chat section. When you tap the contact’s profile. You see these options at bottom. Type your message in message box.

So you can use imo very easily. This is the same as WhatsApp with some differences.

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