How to Request Name Change on imo

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Sometimes we add the wrong name while signing up on the application. But the good news is we can request a name change on imo just by following this guide you will be able to do so. It's really important to give a proper name so that your contacts and friends can easily identify you. Follow the given steps to change your name.

How to Change Your Nick Name on Imo

Steps to request a name change on imo:

1. Open the imo application: You will see a white icon with imo written on it. Just tap on the icon to open the application on your Android device. Request name change on imo

2. Go to your Profile: At the bottom left corner of the screen, you will see three parallel lines. Tap on it to open your Profile page.

Request name change on imo

3. Tap on "Settings": You will see a Settings option on your Profile page. Tap on it to open your account settings wherein you will be able to modify and edit things about your Account. Request name change on imo

4. Tap on 'imo Account Settings": Scroll down on the settings page and you will find an "imo Account Settings" option. Tap on to request a name change. Request name change on imo

5. Tap on "Request Name Change": Under the imo Account settings, you will see a "Request Name Change" option. Tap on it tap on it to change your name. Request name change on imo

6. Enter your First name: Now you need to add the modified name. So first we need to add our first name in its respective box. Make sure you enter your correct name this time. Request name change on imo

7. Add your Last name: Secondly, you need to enter your surname or Last name. Make sure to spell it correctly as your contacts will identify you on the basis of the name. The first name can be the same but the last name is your unique identity which will help your friends to reach you. Request name change on imo

8. Tap on Done: At the top right corner of the page, you will find a tick mark with done written just next to it. Tap on it to continue with your modified name. Request name change on imo

Hope you would have learned to change your name on the imo application. It's really important to keep your name unique so that your friends and contacts can identify easily. If you have any other queries regarding imo application you take help of our guides. They will help you to carry out different tasks on the imo application.

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