How to change nickname/username in imo

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imo username or nickname can be changed through imo app by following few simple steps.

This feature provided by imo allows you to switch from the first username that you selected while creating the imo account.

If you need any assistance while registering your mobile number and creating an imo account, you can check out another SirHow guide regarding it.

You can find it on this website under the title of “How to install imo on mobile phone”.

In this article, we will give you a quick tutorial for how to change your nickname/username in imo.

How to Change Your Nick Name on Imo

change nickname/username in imo: 6 Step

Step 1- open imo app: Firstly to begin with the process, you need to open the imo app. To do this just open the list of installed apps on your mobile phone. Scroll through it and look for the icon for the imo app. It will be a white coloured square-shaped icon with imo written on it with blue colour. Tap on it once to open it.

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Step 2- Tap on your profile picture: First and foremost, you must open the Google Play Store app on your phone. This is one of the built-in apps that come standard with every Android handset. You'll have to scroll through your device's app list to find this app.

Continue looking for the Play Store icon. This emblem will be a blue triangle with red and yellow stripes on the right side that is ringed by a white circle. Once you've located this icon, simply tap it to launch the app.

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Step 3- Tap on your profile: On this new page, you will find your name and profile picture in the top part. Clicking on it will take you to your profile. Tap on it once.

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Step 4-Tap on edit at bottom right corner: imo interface will now redirect you to a new page, here in the bottom right corner, you will find the edit option. It will be a button with edit written on it. You will also find a small pencil icon on it as well. Click on it.Image titled change nickname/username in imo step 4

Step 5- Tap on Nickname: A list of options will appear on your mobile screen. One of these options will read as “nickname”. This option will appear just below the “avatar”. It will also have the username that you have chosen for your imo account beside it. Click on this option.

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Step 6- You can change your nickname or username now: Now you will have the option to change your nickname. Tap on the name that appears on your mobile screen. Now you will be allowed to edit it. You can choose any name that you want to. Once you change your nickname, the new username will start appearing on your mobile screen, in place of the older one.

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By allowing its users to change the username or nickname from what they have already selected while creating the account, imo creates a very user friendly interface. By availing this feature, you can very easily switch your nicknames and no more will have the obligation to be stuck with the same old name you earlier chose for your account.

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