How to Make Group Video Call in imo

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imo became a well known messaging service as it gained much of its popularity because of its high quality and free audio and video calling feature. Another important feature of imo is that it allow us to create groups. With the help of this feature, you can add your friends and family in groups and chat as well as do video calls with them. Given below is a guide that illustrates a step to step procedure to make imo group video call.

how to group video calling in imo

Steps to use Group Video Call imo

Step 1- Open imo App: Look for the app with a white logo and a blue chat bubble. It has a blue text titled "imo," which resides inside the chat bubble. You will find this app on the main menu of your android or apple device. Tap on the app to launch the application.

group imo video call step 1

Step 2- Tap on contact icon: You will then see a home page displaying your profile and four other options. You must choose the option that is positioned on the far right. This is the contact option. Tap on that.

group imo video call step 2

Step 3- Tap on group chat & add friends: You will see a list of contacts on the screen. You must first create a group in order to make an imo group video call. Above the list of contacts, three options are displayed namely new contacts, call history and new group chat.

You'll have to click on new group chat to create a group. After that, you have to select the contacts that you wish to add in your group. Select the option with a tick sign at the bottom of the screen once you've selected all of the members you'd like to add to the group.

group imo video call step 3

Step 4- Open group & tap on video call icon: You will be then taken to the group chat where everyone will be notified that you have added them. When you open the group chat, on the top right side of the screen you will see three options.

One is for making a phone call, the other is for video calling and the third is a horizontal ellipsis symbol. Click on the second option with a camera icon. That is the icon for video calling. Tap on it.

group imo video call step 4

By following the steps indicated above, anyone can make an imo group video call. Given below are some pointers that will tell you more about imo group video call.


  • Users can make imo group video calls that allows maximum of 9 participants.
  • On imo, you can create or participate in public and private groups. You can add members from your imo contact list into private groups. You can join or add members outside of your contact list in public groups and they will be able to view your profile, video, and username.
  • If you don't give a name to the group, your name along with the other participants' names will be the default name of the group.
  • The friends that appear on our contact list are the ones who use imo. If you want to add someone to the group who is not a imo user, you will have to send them an invite.

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