How to Add and Delete Contacts in imo

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imo is an instant messenger service that allows you to video call anyone in the world with good quality and lesser data consumption. There is no need to pay imo for the service.  All you need to have is the mobile data or Wi-Fi connection to make video calls and send a text message.

Add Deleted Contact imo

Like Whatsapp, this app also needs contacts saved on the phone to chat or call that person. In this article, we are going to see how to add a contact in imo. This method is applicable both to Android users and iPhone users.

Steps to add a contact in imo

1. Launch the imo app: Do this by tapping over the imo icon on the menu. You will be shown two menus chats and contacts at the top. In the bottom three-line menu will be shown. how to add contact in imo2. Open Three Line Menu: Tap on the lower left corner menu option. add contact in imo3. Open Add Friends Option: Tap on the add friends option in the options shown. add contact in imo4. Add by Phone Number: You have select add by mobile number option. how to add contact in imo5. Added Me: In this option, you will be shown, who are all added your number in their imo app. 

6. Type the Number and Add: Now type the number in the box provided and tap on add option. how to add contact in imo7. View in Contacts: Now come to the home page of the app and tap on contacts in the upper right corner, here you will be able to see the contact you have just added. Using the video call option, which looks like a video camera in blue color, you can call them or message them by tapping on their name.

Steps to delete a contact in imo

1. Open imo app: Tap on the imo icon shown on the menu. how to add contacts in imo messenger2. Go to Contacts: Now go to contacts by tapping on the upper right corner of the app. how to add contacts in imo messenger3. Open Chat with the Contact: Tap over the contact name to open a chat. delete contacts from imo4. Go to options: Tap on the contact name at the top to open options 5. Delete Contact: Scroll down the page shown and tap on the delete contact option. delete contacts from imo6. Confirm Delete: You will be asked confirmation about the deletion, select yes to delete the contact. Note: Deleting imo contact will not affect your phone’s default contacts. We have seen the methods of adding and deleting contacts in the app imo. 

Adding contact will let you to video call or chat with your friend conveniently. You can add contact only to imo using the methods explained above, without adding them your phone’s contacts list.

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