How to Use imo Audio Call Recorder to Record imo Calls

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 Imo lets you make an audio call to people, in addition to the video call option. Audio calling will be useful when the internet speed of your connection is on the slower side. You can record the imo voice calls with your loved ones using imo audio call recorder

Purpose of it may be to savor the moments later by listening to the recording. Sometimes for security purpose, you have to record the calls. 

There are many apps available for this, among them Cube call recorder ACR gives the best experience to record voice calls in imo. 

You can do the recording on PC if you have installed imo for PC version. Special features of the Cube call recorder

  • Automatic recording
  • Supports ordinary voice calls
  • Supports WhatsApp call and
  • Supports imo calls
  • Hiding the recording widget

 imo Audio Call Recorder to Record imo Calls

There are many features other than simple recording, but to enable them, you need to become a premium member. Follow the steps below to record your call using the Cube call recorder 

1. Launch Google Play: Tap on the Google Play option in the main menu, which looks like a colorful arrow pointed right side of the image. 

2. Type Cube Call Recorder: In the search box, Type the name of the app. 

3. Select Cube Call Recorder: Tap on the Cube call recorder app in the search results shown 4. Install the app: Tap on the install option. imo audio call recorder

5. Launch Cube Call Recorder: Tap on the icon in the main menu, it looks like a phone and microphone in a pink box. imo audio call recorder

6. Grant Permissions: Grant permissions for the Storage, Microphone, Phone calls and contacts one by one, as it asks you the permission. imo audio call recorder

7. Get Accessibility Switched On: Go to Settings and Accessibility, enable the Cube recorder accessibility. imo audio call recorder8. Enable Automatic Recording: Enable it by tapping on the option in the three-line menu and then toggling the automatic recording switch. imo audio call recorder9. Launch imo: Tap on the imo icon in the main menu 10. Select Contacts: Tap on the contacts menu, and tap on the person’s name in the menu. imo audio call recorder11. Call the Person: Tap on the voice calling icon, which looks like a While calling you confirm the recording is done, by seeing the widget of them on the screen. imo audio call recorder12. Play the Recording: Launch the call recorder app. In the home screen of the app, your recording will be shown. You can play it to test the recording quality. imo audio call recorder Thus, using the imo audio call recorder option you can easily record calls in imo. Recordings will be stored in the cube recorder folder of your phone storage. Recording files will be stored as ‘amr’ format.

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