How to use imo Stories

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imo is one of the most popular messaging app. It has the variety of features. imo app is now trending in all messaging apps. It provides the chat, audio calls and video calls. Just add your number and make your account. You can make audio or video call free on imo. imo have another cool feature in its app called imo stories.

How to add story in IMO

What is imo stories?

You can use this feature also to make your sharing experience even far better.

imo story allows users to share memories with your friends such as Snapchat or Instagram. You can take a photo or capture a video directly with imo camera and share it with your friends. You can take photos and videos from your phone also and share it as imo story.

Steps to use imo stories

You can create imo stories in easy way. Just take a look:

  1. Open the app: Open your imo app. Make sure that you have made your account with your number.
  2. Enable the contact and photo access: imo will ask you to enable it. Enable the contact access that you can find your all friends easily on imo and you can share your stories with them. Enable the photo access also to take pictures from your phone.
  3. Tap the camera icon: tap the camera icon in the middle at bottom.
  4. Choose the picture or video: Now pick your picture or video for the story. You can click new pictures or record the video also with the camera in imo.
  5. Add the filters: you can add filter with tapping ‘F’ on the top right corner. Swipe left-right to choose the best filter.
  6. Type text on picture: you can use text in your story. Tap ‘T’ in the right corner at top.
  7. Add locations and stickers: you can add location and stickers also which is on the top.
  8. Select contacts to share: Now next is contacts you want to share with. If you want to add it as your story with all contacts, then tap ‘next’ or if you want to select the contacts then tap on their name and select it. Now tap next and your IMO story has been updated.

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