How To Hide Unwanted Imo Functions

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In this article, we will show you how to hide unwanted imo functions. Imo app includes many convenient functions that can make your life easier, but it also includes the ability to hide some functions that might be helpful for you but aren’t quite as convenient as others. The functions you can hide are Group chat, media, location, and notes.

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Hide Unwanted Imo Functions: 5 Steps

Follow this five-step procedure to hide unwanted imo functions.

Step 1-Open imo App: Simply open the imo app on your mobile phone.

  • This implies you already have an imo account and have downloaded and installed the app on your phone.
  • You'll have to search through your phone's list of installed apps to find the app.
  • The word "imo" will be spelled out in blue on the white imo icon.
  • Tap the imo icon once you've discovered it.

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Step 2-Tap on your Profile Picture: When the imo app opens at the top left corner, you have your profile picture.

  • If you haven’t uploaded a display picture of your own choice, this icon will appear as a grey-colored portrait figure.
  • Tap on it once.

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Step 3-Tap on Settings: After clicking on your profile picture, you will be presented with several options related to your imo profile. These options include switching accounts, settings, imo wallet etc. You have to choose the settings option.image titled Hide unwanted imo Functions step 3

Step 4-Tap on Functions: The settings option will further give you many other alternatives to choose from. These include imo notifications, functions, privacy, storage and data, language, account & security and about. You have to click on the functions option.

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Step 5-Tap on Explore: The functions option will further show you an explore option, from there you can switch on/off unwanted functions.

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Unwanted Imo App Functions

There has been an increase in the number of people reaching out regarding unwanted functions on the imo app.

  • The most common of these unwanted functions are unsolicited messages. These occur when a stranger contacts you and attempts to get you to respond to them. People have received several messages from people who have been contacted by someone they didn’t know and who attempted to start a conversation with them, which can be incredibly uncomfortable.
  • When an Imo app is installed, the app’s functions are enabled on the device. This means that the app can be used to perform tasks like video calls, send messages, and share photos. However, the app also has an “unwanted functions” section that can be toggled on and off in the app’s settings. When the unwanted functions are enabled, the functions of the Imo app can be accessed by anyone with the app installed on their device.


Imo features and functions can be annoying, especially when you don't want to share your text with the world. In some situations, it might be better to hide certain Imo functions. Hiding these functions so they don't appear in the text that you share is essential.

This can be useful if you're in a sensitive situation, such as a job interview or a sensitive conversation, and don't want your text to be interrupted by Imo's suggestions. Or, you might want to hide Imo functions in order to create a sense of mystery and suspense in your text.

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