How to Change imo Chat Background Color

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Are you tired of staring at a blank white background every time you chat with someone? You can now change imo chat background and color without downloading any apps or paying any premiums.

  • You can even personalize your chats exactly the way you want to, by changing its background and color.
  • This tutorial will guide you with exact step-by-step instructions to change imo chat background and color of your choice.

Change IMO Chat Background

Steps to Change imo Chat Background Color

Step 1- Open imo App: Scroll through the apps on your device for an app with a white logo and blue chat bubble. Locate the imo app from your main menu. Tap on it to open the application. This will take you to the home screen of the app.

change imo chat background color step 1

Step 2- Tap on the chat whose color is to be changed: You’ll need to click on the contact whose imo chat background and color you want to change. If you want to change the background of all your contact’s chats, you will get an option to do that as well.

change imo chat background color step 1

Step 3- Tap on three dots icon on top right: At the upper right corner of your screen, you will see three horizontal dots icon or the ellipsis. Tap on it to view more options.

change imo chat background color step 1

Step 4- Tap on wallpaper: The next screen will present you with a number of options. The third last option has the icon of a palette and is titled as “wallpaper.” Click on that option.

change imo chat background color step 4

Step 5- Choose the image or color you want to apply: After that, you will see a short list of a few pre-installed solid and a few gradient-colored wallpapers. You can select one of them or go through the imo library and choose one out. Click  on the “+” icon to select one from your gallery.

If you choose to select an image from your gallery, a drop-down menu will appear on the top left side of the screen. By default, this menu will open a "select all" folder containing all of your photos and videos.

You can choose any folder in your gallery from that list. Scroll down to find the image you want to use as the background.

Tap on it to see a preview of the background image. Click the blue tick sign if you like the preview. The image you choose will become your new background image on that contact's chat.

change imo chat background color step 5

Follow the above-mentioned steps to successfully change imo chat background and color. Once you've chosen a background image or colour, you'll be presented with two options.

One that lets you set the background image or color for that particular contact whose chat you’ve opened. The other option  allows you to set it for all of your contacts.


  • The default imo chat background and color for all contacts is white.
  • You can set different wallpapers for different contact’s chats.
  • You can set the same wallpaper for all your contacts.
  • Keep in mind that whatever wallpaper you select will only change for you. It won't change for the person you're chatting with.

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