How to Change imo Ringtone

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People enjoy the custom ringtones setting, as it is a way of expressing their character to the surrounding people. Sometimes people set a custom ringtone to identify different callers with different ringtones. 

You can change ringtones in the settings of your smartphone. But, imo the famous video calling app, doesn’t let you change your ringtone by default. If you want to change the ringtone, you have to use the third-party app APK Editor. 

This editor app helps you to replace the old ringtone with a new one by editing the APK file of the app. Let me walk you through the steps involved in changing IMO ringtone.

Change imo Ringtone

1. Download APK editor: Go to Google Play Store, and type APK editor in the search box. Then install the APK editor by tapping on the install option. Wait for a few moments to let it installed. change IMO Ringtone2. Launch APK editor: Tap on the open option in the Google Play or tap on the APK editor’s icon in the main menu. 

3. Select ‘APK from App’: Tap on this option. change IMO Ringtone4. Select the App: In the list of installed apps shown, select the IMO app. change IMO Ringtone5. Select ‘Sample Edit’: Select this option. Now you will be shown three menu options. change IMO Ringtone6. Select Audio Menu: Select the third menu name audio. imo Ringtone7. Tap on Edit option: You will be now shown the available ringing sounds, in that select the edit option near the file rt30s.ogg, which looks like a pen on paper. imo Ringtone8. Select the ringtone: Browse through the folder of your phone and select the ringtone you want. imo Ringtone9. Save the changes: Tap on the save option in the bottom and wait for the ringtone change to happen. imo Ringtone10. Remove IMO: Tap on the remove option shown in the bottom and wait for the existing IMO app to get uninstalled. imo Ringtone11. Install new IMO: Now tap on the install option shown in the bottom and wait for the installation to finish. Then, now you have set the ringtone you wanted in IMO. imo Ringtone We have learned the way to change the ringtone of IMO app. Hereafter you don’t have to hear the same old boring ringtone for the calls you receive in your IMO app. The app APK editor can be used for other tweaks also.

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