How to Create a imo Account

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imo is an app that allows us to connect and chat with our friends and family by providing free audio/video calling services with low data usage. In today’s world, online presence on platforms has become essential for forming new ties with others. And imo is solely created to meet our needs of socializing online. You should create an account on imo because it allows you to send and receive messages as well as communicate via audio and video.

A step-by-step method for users to create a new imo account is provided below.

Create a imo Account

Steps to Create a New imo Account

Step 1- Open imo App: The first step is to download and install the imo app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, depending on your device. Launch your app from your device.

create imo Account step 1

Step 2- Enter your phone number: To sign up for the app, the first thing you'll be asked to do is register your phone number. Make sure you enter a valid mobile phone number, as an otp will be sent to you. Once you've logged in, all of your contacts who use imo will be notified via this mobile number.

create imo Account step 2

Step 3- Confirm your number and tap okay: Once you have entered your mobile number, you will receive a pop-up that asks you to verify the phone number that you’ve entered.

It also gives you an option of editing your number. You can recheck the number you’ve added and make sure there isn’t any mistake. Once you’re done checking, all you have to do is click on “okay.”

create imo Account step 3

Step 4- Enter the verification code which you received on your number: You will then receive an SMS on the number that you’ve provided. You will need to be a bit quick here since there is a timer that will resend the code if you’d miss.

create imo Account step 5

Step 5- Enter your name and tap on done: Then you’ll see a screen with a keyboard and a space to entering your name. You will have to type in your full name.

This will be the username that will be visible to everyone so make sure you type it correctly. Click on done to move to the next step.

create imo Account step 5

Step 6- Choose your account pic and tap on done:  A page titled as profile will be then displayed. When you can click on the camera icon, you will be presented with two alternatives. You have the option of taking a photo and uploading it or selecting a photo from your gallery to use as your profile picture.

You will be given the option to share the same picture on your story too. Select yes, if you want the picture to be uploaded on your story. If you don’t want to share it on your story, select no. After that, click on done. And your new imo account will be created.

create imo Account

You can create a new imo account by following this step-by-step process. You can invite your friends by clicking on the invite option or leave it as it is for now. You can start exploring other various features of this app including texting, placing calls, creating groups, sharing on stories etc.

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