How to Change imo Language

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Have you accidentally changed the language of your imo app and are now confused as to how can you change it again? Or have you bought an imported phone that has some other default language?  Or are you simply looking for a change of language? Worry not. This tutorial will guide you exactly how to change imo language in just five easy steps.

How to Change Language in imo App

Steps to change imo language 

imo is an instant messaging app that gained its popularity because of its free and low data consuming features. It allows to send and receive a number of different medias such as images, videos, audio files, PDFs, stickers and other files. In addition to this, it also provides free video and audio calling service.

Step 1- Open imo App: First step is to launch your application from the main menu of your device. This will take you to the home screen of the app.

change imo language

Step 2- Tap on your account pic: On the top of your screen, you can see five main options namely profile, contacts, creating groups, chats and stories. Out of these, you will have to select on “profile,” that is located on the top left corner of the screen.

change imo language

Step 3- Tap on settings: A short list of options will then be displayed. Tap on the “settings” option, that is located below switch account.

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Step 4- Tap on language: After you click on settings, you will see a list of options displayed on your screen. Out of that list, click on “language” that is located above account & security.

change imo language

Step 5- Choose your language & tap on tick icon: Then you will see a list of languages. You can select any language out of the given languages. Select the particular language that you’d like to change to. After tapping on your preferred language, all that’s left to do it tap on the tick option present on the upper right corner of the screen.

change imo language

Thus, by following these steps one can change the imo language settings from default to their preferred language easily. Switching languages is a crucial setting option that helps one to read in the language of their choice. This sort of flexibility in changing languages available on imo can be extremely beneficial. Especially for those people, who are only familiar with their native language or mother tongue or any other foreign language.


  1. All texts on your app, except the names of your contacts, are translated to your selected language after you change the imo language.
  2. English is the default language of the imo app.
  3. There are a few languages that you can change your imo language to. Among them, some are English(default language), Hindi, Parsi, Gujarati, Arabic, Nepali, Urdu, Bahasa Indonesia, Marathi, Turkish, Chinese and Japanese. And many more.

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