How to Enable/Disable imo Story Notification

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imo provides an option to turn on/off the notification for the stories. If you have been an active imo user, you might already be familiar with the feature that allows you to post imo story on the app. This article will provide you with a quick “how-to” guide, explaining how to avail this feature and stay up-to-date with what’s going in your friends’ lives. Read ahead for a step-by-step tutorial for enabling and disabling the notifications in imo for the story.

How to Turn On/Off Stories Notifications On Imo

Steps to Enable/Disable imo Story Notification

Step 1-Open imo app: Go to the app list on your phone. Among various apps and icons, look for the imo icon. Tap on the icon to open the application.

Enable/Disable imo Story Notification step 1 Step 2- Tap on your profile picture: In the left-most corner of the upper side of your mobile screen, you will find your profile picture or your display picture. This is the way to your profile menu. Tap on the profile picture.

Enable/Disable imo Story Notification step 2

Step 3-Tap on settings: In the profile menu, you will find "Settings" as the second option in the list. It will be denoted with a blue gear icon. Tap on this option. Enable/Disable imo Story Notification step 3

Step 4-Tap on Notifications: the first option in the settings menu would be for changing notification settings. It will be marked by a little bell icon. Tap on it. Enable/Disable imo Story Notification step 4

Step 5-Tap on Story from here you can on/off the notifications: Once you have entered the menu where you get the options for changing notification settings, look for “Story”. A little camera icon denotes me to write a story. This option comes with a small switch.

If the switch is blue in colour then your notifications are already turned on as a blue switch signifies “on”. If it’s grey in colour, you must not be getting any notifications for the stories that your contacts are posting. To turn it on just tap on the switch. If the switch turned blue, you have successfully turned the notifications on.

Enable/Disable imo Story Notification step 5

This feature allows you to get real-time notifications of the stories that your contacts post on the app. However, a lot of times such notifications can be a nuisance and distraction in your day-to-day activities.

For such cases, if you want to turn them off then you don't have to worry about it either. Just follow the same process as mentioned above in this step-to-step guide.

As mentioned above in "Step 5", you are provided with a tiny switch under the notifications' settings. If you have them in blue colour, a single tap on it will turn them off and they will appear as grey in colour.

You can choose the option you prefer depending on your needs and preferences. This setting to enable/disable notifications are available for three more categories on imo app.

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