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IMO is the best app for video and audio calling to your friends and family. It has more quality in transmitting the video and consumes fewer data bytes. You can have the same experience as your mobile on your PC using the following methods. There are two main methods to use imo on PC.

imo on PC

One is by using PC version of imo, for this your mobile has to be connected to the internet as well. Another method is by using the android simulator Bluestacks. In this article, we are going to explore How to download imo and use on PC.

Method 1: Using PC version of the app

Follow the steps below to install PC version of imo. This version works on the PC, only if you run the same account on the mobile. Basically, it mirrors the options from the mobile to PC.

 1. Download imo on PC: Download the application from the link

2. Wait for the download to finish, it will only a few minutes to download as it only weighs 10 MB. 

3. Install the Application: Do it by double-clicking on the executable(exe) file and clicking next and agree to the terms and conditions 

4. Sign upTo sign up, you have to enter the same mobile number, which you used for mobile sign up. You will be sent a One Time Password(OTP) to your imo app in the mobile. You have to enter that number into the PC app to continue video calling and chatting. imo on pc

5. Start Calling: Once signed up, you can call anyone in your contact list by clicking on the video call icon. imo on pc6. Disadvantage of Method 1: You cannot run the PC version without running the mobile version of the app

Method 2: Using Bluestacks

Follow the steps below to install and run imo app using Bluestacks. This method is suitable for well-configured computer or laptop with a large Ram capacity. 

1. Download and Install Bluestacks using this link.

2. Get the APK file: Click this link - Download APK Here, to get the APK file of the app. APK is the format for Android app just like exe file extension for PC. 

3. Launch Bluestacks: Double click on the Bluestacks icon in the desktop and wait for it to be loaded. imo on pc

4. Install APK: In the bottom right corner, you will be shown three options. In that, you select install APK and point the dialogue box to the location of APK file that you have downloaded. imo on pc5. Open the imo app: after installation, open the app by double-clicking on the app’s icon. There you will be asked to After this, follow the steps in the article to use imo on the PC just like in a mobile phone. imo on pc Disadvantage of Method 2: Bluestacks consumes a lot of RAM and processing capacity.    So, while running the Bluestacks, other programs get stuck.

Method 3: Using Chrome extension

There is an app available for chrome. But installing it will only let you open the homepage of Website. As for as we have researched it doesn’t work properly. In conclusion, you can use the method 1 effectively by parallel running imo mobile app. 

Only if have the good configuration of the computer, like 4GB RAM you can run the Bluestacks app without any performance lag.

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