How to delete imo stories

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IMO stories is the feature the provides the better sharing experience with your friends. You share your experience in photos or videos format. You can delete also these stories. Posting and deletion both are very simple. If you have posted a story and now you want to delete it then you can delete it easily.

Why we delete IMO stories? 

  • Sometimes, we post stories and we find that we haven’t selected the contacts before posting the story. We want to delete the story that again we can share the stories with your selected contacts.
  • Sometimes, we post the story by mistake and we want to delete it.
  • We want to add some other texts or stickers but we post it and now we want to delete it.
  • You delete the story to make some changes in story.

How To Delete Imo Story

Steps to delete IMO stories

These are the steps that will help you delete your IMO stories.

1. Open the app: Open your IMO app and use your number from you have posted the story. If you haven’t done that and again you want to start, then complete the verification process of your number.

delete imo story step 1

2. Add story: If you not added imo story before. Tap on the ‘Add a story’ option at the left corner, and upload your story first. 

delete imo story step 2

3. Tap ‘my story’: Tap the ‘my story’ option at the left corner, where you can see your all stories you have updated on imo.

delete imo story step 3

4. Tap the trash icon: Now you will see an icon of trash or delete in the bottom at the right corner. Tap on it and say yes to delete the story. Do the same with your all stories whom you want to delete.

delete imo story step 4

5. Tap on Okay to delete your story: Tap on the ‘Okay’ text visible on pup-up box to delete your story permanently.

delete imo story step 5

Your story has been deleted from your number. Now you can add new story if you want to add new one.

IMO stories always disappear after 24 hours same as WhatsApp and Instagram. If you by mistake, post something in story or you didn’t delete it then it can be disappeared after 24 hours. This is the only option if you forget to delete.

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