How to Block imo Ads

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Do you want to block imo ads? Ads invade space on our app screens and are often intrusive, disturbing and annoying in nature. Especially those pop-ups and non-skippable ads that leave you no option but to watch the complete ad. For this reason, it acts as an obstacle as we are unable to focus because of the clutter created in front of our eyes.

Sometimes these ads are too inappropriate or contain viruses in which case, a need to get rid of ads rises. Upgrading to a premium version is the easiest option when it comes to knowing how to block imo ads. This step-to-step guide will teach you "how to block imo ads" by joining the premium version of the app.

How To Stop Ads From Imo.

Steps to Block imo Ads

Step 1- Open imo App: Tap on the imo app from the main menu or app menu of the device. This will lead you to the home screen of imo.

block imo ads step 1

Step 2- Tap on your account pic: On the top of the screen, a few options such as profile, chats, stories, explore and contacts are displayed. The first option on the left side of the screen will have an icon of your account picture. Tap on your account picture.

block imo ads step 2

Step 3- Tap on imo wallet: A new list of options will again be displayed on the screen. Tap on the third option with a green wallet icon titled “imo wallet.”

block imo ads step 3

Step 4-  Tap on premium: You will see three services displayed below the number of diamonds present in your wallet. The first service with the logo of crown is premium. Tap on it.

block imo ads step 4

Step 5- Select the plan as per your choice & Tap on go premium: You’ll see a few plans on the screen. By becoming a premium member on imo, one secures exclusive benefits. The main one being that they will be provided with an add-free service. So, the premium service blocks imo ads so that no ads are visible to the users.

They also get a 25GB cloud storage which helps in storing various medias such as photos, videos and recordings. Other services such as being able to see an expansive list of visitors’ histories, earning a premium badge, a premium contact card, premium rebate, gift packages and ringtone options.

The plans along with their benefits change with time. As of now, you’ll see a Rs. 65/month plan, 42 diamonds per month plan and Rs 890 per year plan. You might want to read the terms of service and privacy policy of the plan. Choose the plan of your choice and then click on “Go Premium.”

block imo ads step 5

By following the above guide, you are not only upgrading yourself a premium service but by doing this you are also able to block imo ads. In this way, you can block imo ads without having to install any ad blockers or apk versions of the app.

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