How to Delete imo Account

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If you are an IMO user and have been using IMO you are already familiar with how the application works and how a registered account can help you connect with people through the app. various reasons you might want to delete your IMO account and all the data that has been saved on the application on your mobile device. Deleting your IMO account is as easy as creating one.

  • You just need to follow a few simple steps to delete your IMO account.
  • In this sir how guide tutorial we will provide you with a step to step manual for how to delete IMO account.

How to Delete Imo Account Permanently

6 Steps to Delete imo Account

Step 1-open imo app: First and foremost you will have to open the IMO app. To do this make sure that you have IMO installed on your mobile phone.

  • Now start scrolling through the list of installed apps on your mobile device once you find the imo icon which will look like a white-colored Box with imo written on it in blue color, tap on it at once.
  • A single click would be enough to open the IMO app.

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Step 2-tap on your profile picture: Once the app is opened you will see a list of chats appearing on the front page that appears on your mobile screen on the same page look into the upper left corner you will find a grey colour portrait icon full stop in case you have already uploaded a profile picture then this icon will display your selected photograph. Tap on it once.

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Step 3-Tap on settings: Open the profile menu you will see a list of options appearing on your mobile screen. In this list look for the settings option. You can identify it by the blue coloured gear icon appearing beside it. Tap on it once.

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Step 4-tap on Account & Security: In the settings menu, look for the options account and security. It will be the second last option, appearing just before the “about” option. This option deals with account-related settings and security issues for your imo account. Tap on it once.

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Step 5 - Tap on Delete imo account: In the account and security menu you will find the option to delete your email account. It will be the last option in the menu after the option to log out. You can identify it with the Bin icon made beside it. Tap on delete IMO account.

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Step 6-Tap on apply to delete. Your account will be deleted: After you are done with the previous step the interface will redirect you to a new page. On this page you will find an option to confirm the deletion process.

  • On the same page will warn you about the data that you will be losing after you have finalized deleting your IMO account.
  • As the final step you will have to click on a Button. This button will appear in blue colour with "apply to delete" written on it.
  • Click on this button your account will be deleted.

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There can be many reasons that you choose to delete your IMO account. Emo provides this feature to its users to provide them with the freedom to OTP out of using IMO anytime. The application does not keep data of deleted accounts assuring the data privacy for its users.

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