How to Delete imo Account

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Many times people fed up with imo and decide to delete finally. Are you really want to delete imo account. If yes, follow step by step guide with pictures. Before deleting the imo app just make sure you have taken chat and videos data backup. Because after deleting this app all your chat history will be deleted permanently.  

Delete imo Account

Follow the steps below to delete your account. 

1. Launch IMO app: Tap on the IMO icon on the menu. You will now be shown with two menus, chats and contact menu and three line menu. 

2. Open Three Line Menu: Tap on the three lines in the lower left corner, now you will be shown a number of options. delete imo account

3. Go to Settings: Tap on the settings option shown. delete imo account

4. Go to IMO Account Settings: Scroll down to the IMO account settings and tap on it. delete imo account

5. Delete your IMO account: In the number of options shown, tap on delete your IMO account option. delete imo account

6. Enter Correct Contact Number: Enter the phone number in the box, and tap on delete option. delete imo account

7. Give Feedback: Now you can give feedback as to why uninstalling the app. Then again tap the delete option. delete imo account

8. Give yes or no confirmation: Tap on Yes option to delete your account. delete imo account Deleting your account will permanently erase ever data you stored. This way you can avoid your phone becoming a garbage. But you can always create an account with the same number again. If you want to signup with a new number then enter your new number for signing up.

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