How to Record and Send Voice Message on imo

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Do you want to record and send voice message on imo same as WhatsApp? An alternate form of visual communication is voice messaging. The feature of voice messaging is an addition to the usual form of communication such as text messaging, voice calling and video calling. Sometimes, these other forms of communication take a lot of time or require you to set up your camera.

  • Thus, users can now record voice message on imo that only asks of you to speak.
  • Here’s a quick tutorial that will guide you how to record voice message on imo in three simple steps.

How to download a voice message in imo

Steps to Record and Send Voice Message on imo

Step 1- Open imo App: First step is to locate the imo app from the main menu or apps menu of your device. The imo app has a white logo with a blue chat bubble.

  • It has imo written on it in blue text.
  • Open that app to launch the application.
  • It will open up the home page of imo.

Record and Send Voice Message on imo Step 1

Step 2- Tap on the chat whom you want to send voice message: Then click on that person’s chat whom you’d like to send the voice message to. If you’ve previously never had a chat with them, then you may visit their profile by finding their contact from the imo contact list.

Record and Send Voice Message on imo Step 2

Step 3- Tap & hold on microphone to start recording: On the bottom right corner of the screen, you will see a button that has a symbol of microphone. You will have to tap and hold on that microphone and then start speaking.

  • If you’ve never allowed imo to use audio before, you will have to give permission to the app to access microphone.
  • You will have to record in a single attempt as you won’t get an option to pause and continue. You will have to keep holding the microphone option to talk.
  • The moment you leave your hold from the microphone icon/button, your message will be recorded and sent.

Record and Send Voice Message on imo Step 3

This step-to-step guide will ensure your success in recording the voice message on imo. Often times, we have information that needs to be conveyed instantly as it might be time-sensitive. Voice messages are automatically downloaded and recording them does not take much time. Thus, they are delivered quickly.


  1. The users only have to record the voice message at one go or they have to delete it and record them again.
  2. The users don’t get an option to pause or resume their audio note.
  3. While recording your voice message on imo, you will see a trash icon situated above the mic and you’re recording. You can drag your finger from the microphone icon toward the trash can icon to delete your ongoing recording.
  4. The users don’t get to preview their voice message before sending it to the receiver.
  5. Once sent, these voice messages are saved in the chats thread just like the text messages. As a result, the sender and the receiver both can listen to the voice message multiple times.

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