How to Check Who Added me on Imo

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imo can be used to stay in contact with your friends and family who are registered on imo as a user. When you are using the app you are marking your social media presence as it can serve as a platform to share posts and stories as well. Other imo users can add you as their IMO friend if you appear in their suggestions or they have your number saved on their mobile phone. The same goes for you as well. You can add people from your contact list as your imo friends or imo contacts.

  • imo also provides you with the feature to be updated regarding who added you to the app.
  • It is very easy to check who added you on imo. This can be done by following a very few simple steps.
  • In this article by Sir how guides we will be explaining these steps to you so that it can assist you in understanding how to check who added you on imo.

How can I find out who added me on IMO

Check Who Added me on Imo with a few steps

Step 1- Open imo app: To begin with the process, you will first have to open the imo app. This expects you to have an already registered imo account and the app to be already installed on your phone.

  • To open the app, you will have to scroll through the list of installed apps on your mobile phone.
  • The imo icon will be of white color with imo written on it in blue color.
  • Once you find the icon for imo, tap on it once. image titled Check Who Added me on Imo step 1

Step 2- Tap on your contacts list: Once you open the app you will see a list of chats appearing on your mobile screen. This is the first page that will always appear once you open the imo application.

  • In the upper right corner of this page, you will find an icon of grey color which will be shaped like a human portrait and will have three horizontal lines beside it.
  • This is the icon for contacts in IMO. Click on it once.

image titled Check Who Added me on Imo step 2

Step 3-Tap on new contacts: Once you open the contacts list, you will find an option in the upper part of your screen which will read as "new contacts". It will appear just before the option "call history" and will have an icon of a human portrait with a plus sign beside it. Tap on it once.

image titled Check Who Added me on Imo step 3

Step 4-You can see who had added you back: Once you are finished with the previous step, you will be redirected by the IMO interface to a new page that will have a list of people who have added you.

  • This list will come under the title "people who added me".
  • You can scroll through this list and see all the imo users that have recently added you as their IMO friend.

image titled Check Who Added me on Imo step 4

The feature of IMO allows you to know who all have visited your profile and decided to add you as their IMO contact. In this list, you will get an option to accept or reject people's requests to add you as their IMO contact. This provides you with autonomy to make sure whoever gets to be added to your IMO contact list. If you have sent a request to add someone else to your contact list we can also check if they have accepted your request via this feature.

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