How to Find Someone on imo by Name

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To find someone on imo with just their name and not their contact details is one of the simplest tasks to do on imo application. When you are looking forward to connecting to a friend or an acquaintance through imo, you just have to follow through few simple steps, until you find their chat where you can both text and call them. imo is a messaging service but it also provides the option to make voice calls and video calls to other people who are active users on the app.

How to Find New Friends On IMO

Steps to find someone on imo

Step 1- Open imo app: The first thing that you need to do is open the imo app. For this, you will have to scroll through the list of applications on your mobile phone. Once you find the imo icon in that list, just tap on it once and your application will open.

Find Someone on imo by Name Step 1

Step 2- Tap on your contacts list: On the first page that appears in front of you after opening the app, look into the upper right corner. There will be a grey tab with the icon of a human portrait figure. This is the button for opening the contact list. Tap on it.

Find Someone on imo by Name Step 2

Step 3- Tap on the search icon at the bottom: As soon as you tap on the contact list button, the interface will direct you to the list of all your contacts who are available on imo. It will look very similar to your phone’s contact list, except that it will show your imo contacts on top.

In this list you will also see an option to send imo invites to your contacts who haven’t registered their numbers on imo. In the bottom right corner below this list, you will find a search option, denoted by a magnifying glass icon. Tap on it.

Find Someone on imo by Name Step 3

Step 4- Search option appears. Now you can type and search someone's name: Clicking on the search option will open a search bar on your mobile screen, tap on the bar. A cursor will appear and the keyboard in your phone will be opened. Start typing the name you want to search for.

As you start typing the letters, suggestions from your contacts will start appearing on your mobile screen. You can choose the name you are looking for by tapping on it. You will be redirected into the chat of the contact you have selected.

Find Someone on imo by Name Step 4

Since, imo derives the contacts from your phone’s saved contact list, the names in your imo contact list appear as you have saved them. This feature of searching these contacts by their name will help you to look for the contacts based on their registered name as well.

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