How to Login Multiple Accounts in imo

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You no longer have to bother about logging out of one account every time you want to log into another. You can use the same device to log into several imo accounts. So, if you were wondering if there was an easier way to manage all your accounts that you have created for different purpose such as personal or business at once, you can now do so. This guide will give you an insight on how to login multiple imo accounts by using the same device.

Multiple Accounts in imo

Steps to login multiple imo accounts in one device 

Step 1- Open imo App: On your device, you’ll need to look for an icon with a white background and the word “imo” written in blue writing inside a blue bubble. Tap on it to open the imo app. If you aren’t already signed in, you’ll need to do sign in first with your phone number and name.

multiple accounts imo step 1

Step 2- Tap on your account pic: At the top left corner, you will see your account picture. It'll take you to your profile page.

multiple accounts imo step 2

Step 3- Tap on Switch account: Once your profile page is opened, you will see the a “Switch Account” option right underneath your name, number and profile picture.

multiple accounts imo step 3

Step 4- Tap on Add account: After you click on “switch account” you will be taken to another page where you will see the name, profile picture, the number of your account and a tick besides it, that indicates the currently logged in account. Right below that there is an icon of “+” sign that has “Add account” written besides it. Just tap on that to add another account.

multiple accounts imo step 4

Step 5- Enter phone number of the account you want to add: Enter the phone number of the second account that you wish to add. If applicable, change the nation or country code. If you want to sync all of your contacts with this app, there will be a check box for the same that you can select.

multiple accounts imo step 5

Step 6- Tap on Okay button to confirm your number: A pop-up asking for verification will appear on the screen. Here, you will get two options. Out of which, one will be edit and other will be okay. You will get one more chance to edit your number. After that, you must select “okay.”

multiple accounts imo step 6

Step 7- Enter the verification code & your account will be logged in: A verification code will be sent to the provided mobile number. Once you receive the code via SMS, you will have to enter that code in the space provided.

multiple accounts imo step 7

By following the above-mentioned simple steps, you will easily be able to login multiple imo accounts. To go back to your previous account, you will need to click on “switch account” and then select the previous one.

You will be redirected to your first account in this manner. You can now create and run a number of entirely different accounts on imo and will also be able to log in to any of them. You can use this process to login multiple imo accounts from one device.


  1. imo users can use the same device to switch between up to five different accounts.

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