How to Disable IMO Notifications

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No more annoying imo notifications! Yes, you can turn off the irritating notifications for imo app in android phones. As compared to other apps, imo notifications are frequent and leave you irritated. So, in the article, we have decided to teach you to turn off notifications on imo. Follow the steps below to do that.

Disable imo Notification

1. Go to Settings: Open the menu and tap on the settings option. You will be shown number of options. imo notification2. Go to the Installed Apps: Scroll down to tap on the “Apps” option, which will show the installed apps on the screen. imo notification3. Tap on the IMO App: Do this to view the app details. You will be shown uninstall and force stop options on the top. imo notification4. Turn off notifications: Now below the uninstall option, you will see notifications option. Tap on the notifications. imo notification5. Select Block All: Toggle the Block All option, to stop notifications. (This option only comes in Marshmallow version of Android. For other versions, show notification checkbox below the Uninstall option. You can Uncheck to stop the notifications. imo notification

6. Go to Menu: Once finished turning off the notifications in the main settings option, Close the settings option and open the main menu. 

7. Open IMO app: Now tap on the IMO icon in the menu. You will be shown three menus i.e. Chat and Contact with three line menu. 

8. Open three-line menu: Tap on the lower left corner to open the three line menu. imo notification9. Go to Settings: Tap on the settings option. imo notification10. Turn off Notifications: Now, uncheck all the vibrate, lights, sound and popup options. That will disable all type of notifications. imo notification Now, you have turned off the notifications successfully. Instead of turning off everything, you can also select any one method like vibration and lights to receive important notifications.

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