How to Create Chat Group on imo

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One of the highlights that the imo messenger gives to its users is the capacity to make group chats. We can easily create a chat group on imo by following the simple steps given below. With this element, you can make an Imo group with some of your contacts, and afterward chat with them. This incredibly significant component enables you to quit sending numerous messages to different individuals.

Steps to create a chat group on imo :

1. Open the imo application: On your Android device, you will see a white icon with imo written on it. It's the trademark icon for the imo application. Tap on it to open the imo app. Create chat group on imo

2. Go to your Profile: At the bottom left corner, you will see three horizontal parallel lines. Just tap on it to open your profile options. Create chat group on imo

3. Tap on "Create a Chat group": On the profile page scroll down and you will see a "Create a Chat group" option. Just tap on it to start a new chat group on imo. Create chat group on imo

4. Search your contacts: Now you need to add contacts which you want in your group. You can search the name of the contact in the search bar available at the top of the screen. Create chat group on imo

5. Select from the list: Now from the list of contacts, you can check in the checkbox present just near to the contact name to add them to your group. Create chat group on imo

6. Tap on the next button: After you are done selecting contacts you need to confirm it by tapping on the white button present at the bottom right corner. Create chat group on imo

You can also rename your group, send group invite link to other contacts. We can also remove the contact if we don't want them in our group. There is additionally no restriction to the number of groups you can make, and you can create too many distinctive groups.

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