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Are you looking to cancel the autopay feature in PhonePe? Whether you're trying to regain control of your finances or simply want to switch to a different payment method, understanding the process of canceling autopay in PhonePe is crucial. In this concise and to-the-point guide, we will walk you through the steps, ensuring you can effortlessly disable the autopay functionality and take charge of your payment preferences. Let's dive in and learn how to cancel autopay in PhonePe hassle-free.

Cancel autopay in Phonepe: 4 Steps

Step 1: Select the Phonepe app - Open the PhonePe mobile application on your device.

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Step 2: Click on the account button on the top left - Locate the account button, usually represented by a profile icon or initials, positioned at the top left corner of the app's interface.

  • Tap on the account button to access your account settings.
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Step 3: Select Autopay settings - Within the account settings menu, look for the Autopay option.

  • Tap on Autopay to proceed to the Autopay settings page.
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Step 4: Click on the remove button on the service which you need to remove -On the Autopay settings page, you will see a list of services or merchants associated with your autopay setup.

  • Identify the specific service or merchant for which you wish to cancel autopay.
  • Locate the remove button or icon (often represented by a trash can or an 'X') next to the service or merchant.
  • Click on the remove button/icon to initiate the cancellation process for that particular service.
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Canceling autopay in PhonePe is a straightforward process that puts you in control of your payment preferences. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily remove autopay for specific services or merchants within the PhonePe app. Remember to verify the cancellation to ensure a successful update to your payment settings.


  • Double-check your autopay settings periodically to ensure accuracy and avoid any unwanted charges.
  • Consider setting reminders for bill payments or explore alternative payment methods to maintain control over your finances.
  • If you encounter any difficulties while canceling autopay in PhonePe, reach out to their customer support for assistance.


Will canceling autopay affect my existing subscriptions or recurring payments?

Canceling autopay will only stop future payments from being automatically deducted. It will not affect any existing subscriptions or recurring payments you have already authorized.

Can I cancel autopay for a specific duration and reactivate it later?

PhonePe does not currently offer the option to temporarily disable autopay for a specific duration. If you wish to stop autopay temporarily, you will need to cancel it and set it up again when you want to reactivate it.

How can I prevent accidental re-enrollment into autopay for a service?

To prevent accidental re-enrollment, make sure to review your autopay settings regularly. Ensure that you do not authorize autopay for any service unless you genuinely want to enable automatic payments.

Will canceling autopay affect my credit score or payment history?

Canceling autopay does not have any direct impact on your credit score or payment history. Your credit score is influenced by various factors, such as payment timeliness and credit utilization, which are not directly related to autopay cancellation.

Can I cancel autopay for multiple services at once?

Unfortunately, PhonePe does not currently offer the option to cancel autopay for multiple services simultaneously. You will need to follow the cancellation process individually for each service or merchant.

Is there a time limit for canceling autopay after a transaction has occurred?

Generally, there is no specific time limit for canceling autopay after a transaction has occurred. However, it's advisable to cancel autopay as soon as possible to prevent any further automatic deductions.

Can I cancel autopay through the PhonePe website or only through the mobile app?

As of now, autopay cancellation can be performed through the PhonePe mobile app only. The website version of PhonePe may have limited functionality, so it's recommended to use the mobile app for managing autopay settings.

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