How to Recharge Idea from PhonePe

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PhonePe is a digital banking and payments app that uses your phone’s data to make transactions and save you money. In this note, we discuss the recharge idea from PhonePe to reduce the cost of money. You can recharge any network from PhonePe by following a series of simple steps.

Phonepe se idea ka recharge kaise kare (Video)

The steps to recharge phone from PhonePe are as follows:

Recharge Phone from PhonePe : 8 Simple Ways

Step 1 Open PhonePe application

The first and the obvious step in recharging a phone from PhonePe would be to Open your PhonePe App from your mobile phone or any other device.

Step 2 Go to Recharge & Pay Bills section and click on Mobile Recharge

When you open the PhonePe app, you will be greeted by PhonePe’s homepage with a lot of options on various sections and one of the sections would be “Recharge and Pay Bills” and under that section, you will find an option called Mobile Recharge that you will have to press.

Step 3 Search or select a number to recharge

When you do click on the “Mobile Recharge” option, the Mobile Recharge Page will be opened in front of your screen where you will be prompted to search or select a Number that you want to recharge.

Step 4 Now select your operator

After adding the Number of your desire, you will have to select the Operator of the above-mentioned Phone.

Step 5 Select your circle

After you select the Operator, you will have to select the Circle of the Phone where it was bought.

Step 6 Search or select plan to recharge

After you fill in all the details of your phone, you will now be asked to search or select a Plan to Recharge your phone. Select your desired recharge plan.

Step 7 Select method of payment

After you have selected all the plans and filled in all the details, you will now be asked for the method of your Payment. How do you want to Pay for this Phone recharge? There will be multiple options in from of your screen for the payment and you will have to select your desired method of Payment.

Step 8 Click on recharge and enter your pin

After you select the desired method for payment, click on the recharge button which is located at the bottom of the screen. After you do that, you will be asked to enter your PIN to verify your payment. After you put in your PIN, your recharge is done. Now enjoy.


These are the few simple steps that one needs to follow in order to recharge a phone from PhonePe. If you like our tutorial, you will also like our guide on how to recharge D2h by PhonePe, so that you never miss your Favourite Television Program.

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