How to Add Credit Card in PhonePe App

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In India, the PhonePe mobile application is one of the most widely utilised UPI programmes. There are a variety of POS (Point of Sale) terminals that accept PhonePe payments, as well as online retailers who provide substantial rewards when paying with the PhonePe wallet. The question of 'how to add credit card in PhonePe' or 'how to add credit card in PhonePe app' has a straightforward solution, which is detailed below.

How to use credit card to make payments in phonepe (Video)

Add Credit Card in PhonePe App: 7 Steps

Step 1 Open PhonePe application: The PhonePe application must first be downloaded.

  • You can obtain it via the Google Play Store if you have an Android device. It's available for Apple devices via the App Store.
  • To set up a PhonePe account, enter a new user name and phone number. You will be given an OTP in order to verify your identity.
  • To connect your back account, you must first fill up your basic information and account information.
  • You're ready to use PhonePe now.
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Step 2 Go to your profile: When you first open the page, you'll see the screen shown below.

  • There are a few advertisements on this page.
  • Furthermore, you may make payments from this website.
  • From here, you may discover how to send money.
  • A little symbol may be found on the upper left side of the screen.
  • Once, tap on it.
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Step 3 Tap on View all payment methods: First you need to check how many payments methods you have.

  • You can have only 2 payments methods at max.
  • You can view all your payment method details from here.
  • Tap on it once.
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Step 4 Tap on Add : Now you can add a new payment method.

  • You can add 2 payments at maximum in your PhonePe.
  • You can add your credit card by clicking ew payment method.
  • You'll need your card details to add it.
  • Click on Add New once.
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Step 5 Enter your credit card details: Now you need to enter the details.

  • Enter your credit card number that can be found on top of the card that you have.
  • You have to enter the expiry date of the card too along with the CVV number that would be present behind the card.
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Step 6 Tap on add: Now you need to add this card

  • Add your card after checking the details.
  • Check all the details you entered twice.
  • Once added, you can use your credit card for payments.
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Step 7 Now your card is added: Once you click add, your card is added.

  • Now you can use your credit card to make the payments.
  • Your credit card is one of the payment methods.
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How can Phonepe acquire all of my bank account information when I only give them my phone number?

Phonepe does not have access to or keep all of your bank account information. The UPI payment mechanism (developed by NPCI, an RBI-regulated organisation) maskedly accesses the account data associated with your mobile phone. Phonepe will pre-fetch the data from your bank through a secure network if your mobile phone is linked to your bank account.

You can learn how to Recharge PhonePe wallet with your credit card from here.

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