How to Install Two PhonePe Apps

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You can install two PhonePe apps on your phone, both Phonepe and Phonepe Business are products on the Phonepe Platform. Phonepe is a storage and data processing service for businesses, while Phonepe Business is a service for small businesses to manage their invoicing and other business paperwork.

Both are built on the Phonepe Platform, which was designed from the ground up to enable the next generation of commerce for small businesses. The purpose of Phonepe Platform is to allow small businesses to grow without spending huge amounts of money on technology and infrastructure.

The PhonePe Business suite of solutions is our largest growth driver and is expanding rapidly across India. We recently expanded our suite of products and services to include PhonePe Financial Services, which provides merchant solutions and financial products to small and medium-sized businesses.

5 easy steps to install two PhonePe apps:

Step 1: Open Play store

To start with the process, you have to open Play store.

  • Play store is the app that allows one yo download any app in Android.
  • The app icon looks like as shown below.
  • Look for the Play store icon and click on it.
Image titled Install Two PhonePe Apps step 1

The next step is to click on the search bar.

  • On clicking on the phone icon, you will go to the app.
  • On the top of the first page on the app, you will find a horizontal bar.
  • The horizontal bar will be the search bar.
  • The search bar allows one to search the app that one wants to install.
  • Once, you spot the search bar, click on it.
Image titled Install Two PhonePe Apps step 2

Step 3: Search for phone pay business

The next step is to search for Phonepe business.

  • After clicking on the search bar, you will find a cursor on the search bar.
  • Start typing "PhonePe Business"
  • After you finish typing, click enter.
Image titled Install Two PhonePe Apps step 3

Step 4: click on install

The next step is to install the app.

  • Once you finish searching on the search bar, you will go to another page.
  • The page will contain information about the app.
  • Right in front of the name, you will also spot an "install" button.
  • Click on the button to start installing the app.
Image titled Install Two PhonePe Apps step 4

Step 5: Two phonepe is installed in your device

This is the last and final step. AFter this two phonepe apps will be installed in you phone.

  • After you click on install, the app starts downloading.
  • On finishing the downloading process, it installs itself.
  • There you gp, you have 2 Phonepe apps in your phone now.
Image titled Install Two PhonePe Apps step 5

This is it! The process is this quick and easy. I am sure, you did not know that you can have 2 phonepe apps on your phone. Now not only do you know that but you know how to install them as well.

The PhonePe business focuses on delivering an excellent digital payments experience to our users. We offer a suite of products and services to our users, including PhonePe Payments, which powers digital payments, recharge idea for merchants and consumers; PhonePe Business, which offers merchant solutions to businesses; and PhonePe Financial Services arm, which provides products and services to consumers.

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