How to Delete PhonePe UPI ID

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UPI ID in PhonePe is used to share the money and receive from other recipients. We can have more than one UPI ID and it's editable and delete able too. This article briefly describes you how to delete your UPI ID.

How To Change/Delete PhonePe UPI ID (Video)

Delete PhonePe UPI ID: 4 Steps

Step 1 Open PhonePe application: To begin, you must first download the PhonePe application.

  • You can grab it via the Google Play Store if you have an Android phone. On Apple devices, we can obtain it via the App Store.
  • To create a PhonePe account, provide a new user name and phone number. An OTP will be sent to you to verify your identity.
  • To link your back account, you must first provide your basic information and account information.
  • After that, you're ready to start using PhonePe.
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Step 2 Go to your profile: You'll find a few advertisements, as well as all of the payment and billing choices, on this page.

  • New payments can also be made from this page.
  • Here's where you can find out how to make a new payment.
  • Your profile choice may be found in the upper left corner.
  • Once, tap it.
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Step 3 Select bank account: You must now pick the account that you do not want.

  • You'll find all of the accounts you've linked to your PhonePe on this page.
  • You have the option of selecting which account you want to deactivate.
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Step 4 Click on delete icon: Here you'll find all the UPIs associated with your particular bank account.

  • A list of UPIs may be found here.
  • You can get rid of the one you don't need.
  • However, after you've deleted them, you won't be able to recover them.
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The nicest part about UPI is that it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays and weekends. The software is available for both Android and Apple devices.

This is a safe and secure application that can help you meet all of your banking demands in a simple manner under one roof. There would be no need to go through the time-consuming procedure of establishing a beneficiary and providing bank account information such account number or IFSC code.

All that is necessary is a Virtual Payment Address (VPA), which may be used to send money from anywhere at any time.

Commonly Asked Question

1. What constitutes a legitimate PhonePe transaction?
After tapping the "PhonePe" option, payment may be done by BHIM UPI, Debit Card, Credit Card, or Wallet within the PhonePe container. Cashback is applicable for transactions made and completed on PhonePe using a PhonePe-connected bank account for UPI customers.

2. What happens if I want a refund or cancel my order?
In the event of a cancellation, the cashback will be kept as a gift voucher balance and will not be able to be withdrawn to your bank account.

This may be used on PhonePe indefinitely (recharges, bill payments, etc.)
The refunded amount, minus the cashback, will be reimbursed to the source of money used to make the payment.

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