How to untag Yourself on Instagram

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Do you want to Untag yourself on Instagram? On a many number of occasions, our username gets tagged on various photos and stories but sometimes we think of removing it. This might happen because we could find that photo/story to be inappropriate or not useful due to a variety of reasons.

Untag yourself on Instagram from Photos

Untagging yourself from a post is very easy and can be achieved by considering the following points.

How to Untag yourself on Instagram - Android

You can remove your username on an Android phone from any photo of which you don’t want to be a part, by following the mentioned steps.
Steps to follow-:

1. Open Instagram- Type in your username and password to login into your Instagram account.

Untag yourself on Instagram

2. Visit your tagged post- Next, visit to that post in which you have been tagged. You can do this either by visiting your recent notification list and then opening the post or by opening your profile and then going to “Photos of You” section.

Untag yourself on Instagram

3. Click on the Post- Click on the post and find your tagged username there.

Untag yourself on Instagram

4. Remove Tag- Click on your tagged username in the post. You will now find an option to “Remove Tag”. Click on it.

Untag yourself on Instagram

5. Confirm your request for untagging- Now you will be asked to confirm your decision and a dialog box stating the following will appear on the screen “ Are you sure ? You will be removed from the post”. Click on “Yes, I’m sure”.

Untag yourself on Instagram

6. Remove from profile- In case, you also want to remove the post from your profile, you can turn off the “Show in your Profile” option and then you will no longer be able to see the post on your profile.

Untag yourself on Instagram

How to Untag yourself on Instagram - iPhone

Untagging yourself from any photo on an iPhone is as simple as in a case of Android. You can achieve this quite easily by following the below-mentioned steps.
Steps to follow-:
1. Login into Instagram- Enter into your Instagram account by entering your Instagram username and password.
2. Go to Tagged Photo- Open your Tagged photo either through Notification Panel or by visiting “Photos of you” section on your Profile.
3. Tap on Your name- As soon as you open your photo, on tapping on the photo, you will find your username attached to it. Tap on that username.
4. Remove your tag- After you tap on your name, tap on “More options” and then on “Remove me from Post”. Now tap on “Remove”.
Thus, You will be removed from your Instagram post.

Untag yourself on Instagram Stories

When you get tagged on an Instagram post, things are very different. Unlike the photos, the stories that you are mentioned in, do not appear on your profile and they remain active for a period of 24 hours unless they have been marked as “Highlights”.

When someone you know mentions you in his/her story, your username appears on that story and you receive a message for the same. If your username has been tagged by someone you don’t know, then it still appears in your Instagram Direct in the form of message request.

A mention of your username on the story can make several people visit your profile which might or might not be very welcoming for you. However, like the Instagram Photos, there isn’t much you can do about Instagram stories. You don’t have a way to remove your username tag from these stories and the only thing you can do is to “report” it if you find it inappropriate.

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