How to add links to Instagram stories

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Instagram story allows you to post a photo or video content with using some extra tools such as stickers, texts etc. You can add links to Instagram stories. Instagram story is now the most popular stuff on Instagram. People can avoid posting on Instagram but they use story on their account.

Story is the medium that provides the connectivity between a user and its followers. You don’t post a regular post on Instagram but you can post stories in your busy schedule. Story has wide options to play with your content.

Steps to add links to Instagram stories:

There are very simple steps to add links to Instagram stories. You just need to follow and you can add links in Instagram stories.

  1. Open the app: Open your Instagram app and log into your account.
  2. Tap on ‘your story’: Tap on ‘your story’ option in profile picture you can see on the top in left corner. You can see plus sign mark in your photo.
  3. Enable the camera and microphone: Enable the camera access to control your photos from your phone for story. Enable the microphone access for sound you want to add in your recoding.
  4. Make the content: Pick your picture and video from the gallery and if you want to take current picture or video then you can take it from your Instagram camera. If you want to write only then type in type section. Add the filters and stickers according to you.
  5. Tap the chain icon tab:  Tap the chain icon tab for link which is in the left corner at the top.
  6. Tap the add links option: Tap the add links and copy the URL from your browser or from other app which you want to add here. Paste it in the box and done it.

Your link has been added in your story. You cannot see but users can see in your story in the middle of the bottom.

Limitations to add links in Instagram stories:

Instagram doesn’t provide this feature everyone in the story.

If you want to add link and you have the below 10K followers on Instagram, then you can’t add the link. This feature is only available for the user who have crossed 10K figure on Instagram.

If you have below 10K followers but you have videos on IGTV then you can add the link of your IGTV videos. You can only add IGTV videos link not others. To add others, you should have 10K followers.

Instagram Link:

Instagram daily changes the story format with adding more things on it. They have added links in the story that you can use in your story to more connectivity. Links can be a video, audio or any web page. You can add the URL and share it with your followers and they can see the link by swiping up.

Instagram started this feature for the creator such as bloggers, public figures that they can share their work through the link in their story.

To be honest, this feature is the finest one in terms of social media engagement. As a blogger, you want to share your blog with your followers and you want them to at least open it then adding a link is the option you can add in your story.

Users can use this link as fast as you think. They can reach on your content in just one step.

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