How to Post Instagram Stories from Your Camera Roll

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You can post Instagram stories from your camera roll. Instagram stories allow you to share a content in vertical that can be a photo or a video. You can add some extra tools on it such as text, stickers, link etc. The story get disappears in 24 hours for the followers except the users.

It saves in the archive list. Instagram is very effective in terms of better engagement with audience. Big brands and bloggers even use other apps to create a story then share it.

You see a purple circle around your profile photo which signifies that you have added a new story and your users can view it. Users post the current picture and add some filters on it.

Sometimes they create a video through the tools like boomerang, hands-free, superzoom and rewind. We can post the picture and video even from the camera roll.

Why you need to post Instagram stories from your camera roll?

  • Without internet connectivity, we can share the story later. We have the content in our phone. Whenever we come in the connectivity of the internet, we can share it on Instagram.
  • If we edit the picture without using Instagram’s filters, we save the picture in phone. We need to post it in story through the camera roll.
  • Big brands and bloggers use other apps to create the interesting story to promote the content. You can take it from the camera roll for Instagram story.
  • Sometimes we create the Instagram story and we want to post it later. Now we cannot delete it because it will waste our hard work. We can save the story in our phone and later, we can take it from the camera roll to get back.

Steps to post Instagram stories from your camera roll

Instagram has provided the facility that you can share the picture from your camera roll. You need these steps to post Instagram stories from the camera roll.

  1. Open the app: Open your Instagram app and log into your account.
  2. Tap on ‘your story’: Tap on ‘your story’ option in profile picture on the top in the left corner. You can see plus sign mark in your photo.
  3. Enable the camera: Enable the camera access to control your photos from your phone.
  4. Enable the microphone: Enable the microphone access to use the sound for your videos you want to post in Instagram story.

Now you can access photos and videos from your camera roll. You can use only those picture who have taken in last 24 hours.

If you use other picture, then you can see the time and date on the picture. But you can remove it by tapping on the date and time for few seconds and adding into the delete box. Now add text, filters and colors to make your story more interesting.

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