How to download Instagram stories?

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Instagram stories are the creation of a user who put some exciting content with the help of some cool stickers, filters and other tools. You make it beautiful and present it like a project. You put some beautiful colors and make it attractive. Sometimes we write some catchy words in your story. We share memories through the words by typing it with different fonts and colors. 

We want to put it in our phone because it’s our creation. Instagram have given that feature for users to download Instagram stories.

Steps to download Instagram stories:

There are few steps to download Instagram stories direct in your phone.

1. Open the app: Open your Instagram app and log into your account.

download Instagram stories

2. Tap on the profile tab: Tap the profile tab in the right corner at bottom.

3. Tap the profile picture: Tap the profile picture in profile tab in the left corner at top.

download Instagram stories

4. Tap ‘more’ option in story: Tap ‘more’ in the right corner at bottom.  You will see some option there.

download Instagram stories

5. Tap ‘save’ option: Tap ‘save’ option to download Instagram stories direct in your phone. Your story has been downloaded.

download Instagram stories

What if you want to download your old stories?

Instagram stories get disappear after 24 hours from your account but your all stories get save in archive.

  1. Open the profile tab: If your story disappears from your profile, then you can find your recent stories in your profile tab.
  2. Open the archive tab: Tap on the archive option which is in top left corner of the profile tab. It is in the left of your username.
  3. Find the story: You can find your all stories in this tab. Choose the story, you want to save.
  4. Tap ‘more’: Tap ‘more’ option at the bottom in right corner.
  5. Save the story: Tap the ‘save’ option and your story will be downloaded in your phone.

Download Instagram stories of other users:

You can download other user’s story with just one option. You can download the pictures only. Video cannot be downloaded. Instagram doesn’t provide a feature to download user’s story but you can download Instagram stories of other users.

  1. Open the user’s account.
  2. Tap on the profile picture to see the story.
  3. Tap on the story for few seconds that the user’s name will disappear.
  4. Take the screenshot.

Remember, you cannot download user’s old stories. You can download Instagram stories which have posted in last 24 hours. You can save old stories which have been used in the highlight section by user if it’s made by him/her. You can see the highlight in user’s profile. Screenshot is the only option to download Instagram stories of other users.

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