How to Create and Post GIF to Instagram

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GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) are fun and interesting things that contain a number of images or frames in a single file. They really forge the people to have an emotional and intriguing connection with each other and are thus widely shared over social networking sites.

GIF’s are fun, relaxing and very relatable. It’s quite simple to create and post GIF’s on Instagram and can be achieved by following a few simple steps. We will guide you through all the steps one by one, so that you can post them on your Instagram account very comfortably.

Create a GIF

Steps to follow-:

1. Open GIPHY- You can find thousands of GIF’s of various types on GIPHY. To use these, you can visit to “” or you can also download the “Giphy App” if you are making use of your smartphone.
2. Browse your GIF- Type in the search bar to select a GIF under a particular category or select from the GIF already available there.
3. Share to Instagram- Once you select your GIF, you will see options to share that GIF on a variety of social media platforms. Here, click on “Instagram icon”.
4. Provide your email address- Giphy will next ask for your email address where it will send your selected giphy. Provide your email address and click on “Send via email”.
5. Open your mail- Open your mail id to access the mail sent by giphy. Open the mail and save the GIF sent to you.
The following GIF thus gets saved to your library and you can use now use your Instagram to add it as a post or story.

Post gif to Instagram on iPhone/Android

Steps to follow-:
1. Open Instagram- Open your Instagram account.
2. Add New Post- Tap on “Add New Post” option present at the bottom center of Instagram home page.
3. Choose GIF- Tap on the GIF from your library to add as Instagram Post.
4. Include Filter- You can choose from a variety of filters to give your GIF a different number of shades. Choose your favorite filter and click on “Next” present at top right corner.
5. Add Caption- Add a suitable caption for your GIF in “Write a caption” box and click on “Share” present at top right corner of the page.

Your New Instagram post with a GIF will appear on your home page within a couple of seconds.

How to Post gif to Instagram Story

Along with Instagram posts, GIF can also appear on your Instagram stories and you can do that by following a few simple steps.

Steps to follow-:

1. Open Instagram- Open your Instagram app on your Android/iPhone.

2. Sign in- Enter your username and password to login into your Instagram account.
3. Story Icon- Tap on Add Story icon present on top left corner.
4. Add Photo or Video- Tap on the Camera button present at bottom center for photo or hold it down to record a video instantly. You can also include photos and videos from your gallery by sliding up the screen and tapping on the photo/video to add.
5. Add GIF- Tap on the “Sticker Icon” present at top and then select the “GIF sticker” option. Now, type in the search area to add GIF of a particular category or select from the variety of GIF’s already available.
6. Set GIF on the screen-Move the selected GIF and move it on the screen to fix it to a certain position. Now click on “Send to”.
7. Set GIF to your story- Click on “Share” to “Your Story” option. You can “Undo” the process just after clicking on “Share” if something has gone wrong.

Create your own personal GIF’s to Post them on Instagram

Apart from the GIF that already exist on Instagram, you can also include your own personal GIF by following a few simple steps.

Steps to follow-:
1. Login to your Instagram- Open your Instagram account and login your account details.
2. Add Story- Tap on the Story icon present on top left corner of the page.
3. Add Boomerang- Slide the Camera button present at bottom center, towards right, to go to “Boomerang” option.
4. Capture Boomerang- Hold down the Camera button for some specified time to capture the boomerang.
5. Set your Personal GIF- Click to “Send to” option and then on “Share” option to set this personal GIF as your story or you can directly click on “Your Story” option present at bottom left corner to add your new story.

GIF will be set to your Instagram Story and you can view it by clicking on “Your Story” option appearing on top left side of the Instagram page.

These are the ways by which you can create and post gif on Instagram.

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