How to repost on Instagram

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Social media is all about sharing. Instagram is already a big platform for sharing a content with pictures and videos.  As a user you want to share someone’s good content from your account which is not an available feature by Instagram. You can repost on Instagram by using it's post.

Repost is the similar feature like re-tweet in Twitter. Repost is good for brands to promote their work. If a user is sharing the brand and related content from the brand, then that particular brand reposts the picture or video to boost their brand.

Instagram’s engagement is very high so it’s a good tool for the growth of any brand.

Steps to repost on Instagram:

  1. Repost on Instagram with using third party app: Instagram doesn’t give any feature to repost on Instagram. You need to use a different app to repost.
  2. Open the app: Open your Instagram app. Make sure you have logged in.
    repost on Instagram
  3. Choose the picture and click on three bars: Select the post you want to repost. Tap on three bars in the right on the top.
    repost on Instagram
  4. Tap the share: Tap the share in iPhone and copy share URL in android phone.
    repost on Instagram
  5. Download the app for repost: In app store in IOS devices and play store in Android store, you can get many repost apps such as repost, buffer etc.
    repost on Instagram
  6. Open the app and link with your Instagram account: Open the app and add your Instagram account to the app that you can repost through this app.
    repost on Instagram
  7. Paste the URL: Now paste the URL you have copied from your last post you want to share.
    repost on Instagram
  8. Post it: Edit the caption and post it. The post has been reposted with the name of that user who posted the original picture. Even you can also give credits with using the username and tag him/her.
    repost on Instagram

Repost on Instagram manually:

Now you have other option too. Many brands use this manually. You need to focus these points if you want to repost without using any third party app.

  1. First of all, talk to that person whose picture you want to share on your account. Tell him that you are giving credits on your post.
  2. Without his/her permission, don’t post the picture.
  3. If user approve you to share his post on your account, then take the screenshot of the picture.
  4. Edit the caption and give full credits to the user. Even tag him/her also.

Manually reposting is done by the big brands and pages only who have a good audience that they repost the picture or video easily and they get approval too. Sometimes they don’t take any approval or repost it with full credits.

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