How to Edit Instagram Photos

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Instagram is by far, the most popular social photo sharing platform, which is why everyone wants their photos to look better and more likable when they upload them on it.

Photo editing, thus becomes such an important area, that needs to be considered, when you post your photos on social media network.

Edit Instagram photos before posting

It is super fun to edit photos, add/remove it’s features and make it go through a complete makeover before it is uploaded on your Instagram profile for all your followers to see. Instagram allows usage of a variety of filter styles that can be applied to your picture along with different editing themes like-“Adjust”, “Brightness”, “Contrast”, “Structure” and many more.

The different editing themes help you style your pic in your favorite manner by managing everything, from its length to its breadth, to suit your taste.
Follow the below-mentioned steps to edit your photos before posting on your Instagram profile

1. Open Instagram- Enter your login details and open your Instagram account.
2. Click to add new post- Click on the square camera icon present at the bottom center of the screen.
3. Choose a photo from library- Pick up a photo/video from your library by clicking on it. Now click on “Next” option present at top right of your screen. You can also click an instant photo from your camera to post it.
4. Edit your photo- Once you select your desired photo, you can filter it with the help of various filter themes available. You can edit the pic by clicking on “Edit” option and then choose an edit style depending on your requirements. After editing, click on “Next” option.
5. Upload your New post- Once done with editing, you can add a suitable caption for your photo, add location or tag your friends and then finally post it on Instagram by clicking on “Share”.

Your post will appear in your feed and also will be shown as the most recent post on your profile. It will consist of all the details that you provided it before uploading.

Edit Instagram photos after posting

It might happen that you are not fully content with your post that you uploaded on Instagram and might want to change its appearance by editing its features. Instagram lets you edit your pictures, even when they are being already uploaded to your profile.

In such a case, although some people might have already seen it, editing it will change its features, which will be evident for all the people who see it later and for your profile, where your photo stays in the future.

Editing your photos, after they are being already posted, is equally simple for android as it is for iPhone, although, the steps might differ a little.
Follow the below mentioned steps for editing your photos on android and iPhone.

Edit Instagram photos on Android

Steps to follow-:

1. Open Instagram- Type in your username and password to login into Instagram.
2. Open the photo to edit- Open the photo that you want to edit.
3. Tap on three vertical dots- Once you open the photo, you will see three vertical dots present at top right corner. Tap on it. Now, from the list of options available, click on “Edit” to edit your post.

4. Edit your post- For editing, you can add/ change location of the post, tag/ un-tag people in your post and change/ add the caption on your photo. Once, you are done editing, click on the right tick option present at the top right corner.

You will see that your photo has been updated with all the changes that you made in it.
However, you will notice that while you look to edit your picture, you cannot alter its filter style, saturation, sharpness and a lot more that can instead be done before uploading the photo.

This explains that the original texture of the photo will remain once it has been uploaded and only the external information can be altered.

Edit Instagram photos on iPhone

Steps to follow-:

1. Login into Instagram- Open the Instagram app on your iPhone and login into it by entering your username and password.
2. Open your photo-Visit the photo that you wish to edit. Now, click on “…” option, present upon the photo/ video that you have posted online.
3. Choose to Edit- Click on the “Edit” option, that appears in the dropdown menu. This will take you to the text editing window.
4. Edit your post- The text editing window allows you to add new information or delete unnecessary information. This could be related to the caption on your post or the tags that you have provided. It could even concern the location of your photo.
5. Tap on Done- Finally click on “Done” option to finish the process.

Edit Instagram photos on computer

Majority of the Instagram users use it through their smartphones, with the help of either android or iOS, but they are a few who use the application, through Windows software on their computer/ laptop as well. For these, who want to edit their Instagram photos after they have been posted on their profile, they can consider the following steps mentioned below.

Steps to follow-:

1. Open Instagram- Visit and click on “Log in” and then type in your username and password to enter your account.
2. Open your Profile- Click on your profile name appearing on top right corner of the page to open your Instagram profile.
3. Open the Post you want to edit- In your profile, you will find the list of all your uploads under “Posts” section. Click on the post that you want to edit.
4. Click on three dots- Click on three dots present on bottom right side of your post. In the dropdown section, click on “Edit”.
5. Edit your photo- Make the changes that you want to make in your photo. Now, click on “Done” to finish.

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